Fresh Breeze - Ozonated Oral Care Gel $25.00



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Ozonated Olive and Essential Oils come together to aid in optimum oral health. This refreshing gel stimulates healing in every cell and gland in the mouth. Tenderness, inflammation and redness are quickly soothed. Often-overlooked toxins are cleared, promoting systemic oral and overall body health. 30ml/1oz

Gluten Free. Vegan.


Use Fresh Breeze as a powerful toothpaste, gently working it through the teeth and gums with your toothbrush. Can also be used for oil pulling, in place of your normal oil. Ozonated oil pulling does everything standard oil pulling does, but it works deeper, faster, and more thoroughly.


Fully Ozonated Organic Olive Oil, Synergistic Blend of Organic Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Organic Stevia Extract 30ml/1floz

Gluten Free. Vegan.

  • Fresh Breeze - Ozonated Oral Care Gel
  • Fresh Breeze - Ozonated Oral Care Gel
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