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BRAND: Honey Girl



This lovely scrub, like all of Honey Girl’s products, is a fast-track to glowing skin and a mini-trip to paradise. The scrubby bits are from fine sugar which dissolve beautifully, so no grit remains that could potentially disturb healthy skin cells or irritate sensitive skin. It doubles as a proper face cleanser with the inclusion of diatomaceous earth, coconut oil and raw wildflower honey, all of which lift impurities, dirt and makeup from the skin. Aloe butter and gel lubricate and soothe, and essential oils nudge your spirit gently in a healing direction. Once or twice a week, transport yourself to Hawaii with this sweet scrub and return with clean and radiant skin. 52ml/1.75floz

Gluten Free. Bees at work. Not suitable for vegans.


Slightly moisten your face and gently apply the Facial Scrub in a circular motion. Avoid the delicate areas around your eyes and mouth. Moisten fingertips as needed to adjust exfoliation. Rinse with lukewarm water and remove excess Facial Scrub with a washcloth. Follow with your favorite moisturizer or night cream. Honey Girl Facial Scrub may be used once or twice per week.


Aloe Butter, Super Fine Cane Sugar, Organic Diatomaceous Earth, Aloe Gel, Raw Pupukea Wildflower Honey, Organic Coconut Oil, Essential Oils, Grapefruit Seed Extract. Hive ingredients are harvested from holistically managed beehives. 52ml/1.75floz

Gluten Free. Bees at work. Not suitable for vegans.

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