Bless Beauty Balm $48.00

BRAND: Leahlani Skincare



Like a gift from the Hawaiian gods, Bless Beauty Balm is a sumptuous treat for your skin. Made of only the purest and most salubrious substances, this balm eschews water, wax, and emulsifiers to guarantee that each pot is filled to the brim with potent and nutritious ingredients. Leah has delicately elevated Bless with the sweet scent of Orange Blossom and tranquil vibes of Blue Tansy to calm your mind as well as your skin. Think of this balm as a daily blessing for your skin and your spirit. Beauty and happiness begin within.

Gluten free.


Melt a small amount in-between your fingers and massage a into skin to seal in your body's natural moisture.


Organic Cold Pressed Argan Oil, Organic Cold Pressed Camellia Seed Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Cold Pressed Maracuja Oil, Organic Cold Pressed Moringa Oil, Organic Cold Pressed Marula oil, Cymbidium Grandiflorum Orchid Extract, Eildcrafted Blue Tansy Oil, Neroli Oil, Organic Rosehip Fruit and Rose Clay.

Gluten free. Bees at work. Not suitable for vegans.

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