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My Skin Buddy - CAP Beauty
My Skin Buddy
My Skin Buddy
Your new best friend.
Regular price $375
Activist AMS - Mānuka Honey Lip Balm - CAP Beauty
Manuka Honey Lip Balm
Soothe, hydrate and protect your lips with Manuka.
Regular price $35
Activist AMS - Manuka Honey Botanical Soap - CAP Beauty
Manuka Honey Botanical Soap
Lather up.
Regular price $25
Loco Love - Higher Being Tonic - CAP Grocery
Higher Being Tonic
Loco Love
The hot chocolate of your dreams.
Regular price $38
Monastery - Attar Floral Repair Concentrate - CAP Beauty
Attar Floral Repair Concentrate Tube
Same balm, more convenient package.
Regular price $75
Yves Durif - Classic Brush - CAP
Classic Brush
Yves Durif
The quintessential hair brush.
Regular price $98
CAP Beauty - blue - serotoner - Bundle
blue + serotoner
CAP Beauty
Two is better than one.
Regular price $98
Udea Wellness - The Hair Pill - CAP Grocery
The Hair Pill
Nourishment from root to tip.
Regular price $62
best seller
CAP - Wooden Spoon Herbs - Light Ray - Tincture - CAP Collaborations
Light Ray
CAP Beauty + Wooden Spoon Herbs
Reveal radiance and luminosity from the inside out.
Regular price $35
best seller
CAP - Coconut Butter - CAP Grocery
The Coconut Butter
CAP Beauty
Stone ground, raw, organic coconut for smoothies, tea and tonics.
Regular price $32
Neo Nutritions - Ultimate Beauty - CAP Grocery
Ultimate Beauty
Hydrates skin, improves elasticity and minimizes redness, acne and wrinkles.
Regular price $38
CAP - Autumn Sonata - Elena Toiletry Kit - CAP Collaboration
The Elena Toiletry Kit
CAP Beauty + Autumn Sonata
Pack your skincare in style.
Regular price $140
Biomat - Mini - Healing Mat - CAP
Biomat Mini
Relax and rejuvenate with this travel sized healing mat.
Regular price $780
Udea Wellness - The Mood Pill - CAP Grocery
The Mood Pill
Improve your mood naturally.
Regular price $49
Semi-D - Dimes Peppermill - Blue - CAP
Dimes Peppermill in Blue
Season your food with art-inspired tools.
Regular price $120
Lesse - Awakening Eye Cream - CAP Beauty
Awakening Eye Cream
Under eye repair.
Regular price $90
best seller
Activist - Manuka Honey Mask - CAP Beauty - Front View
Manuka Honey Mask
The power of Mānuka, now in an easy to use tube.
Regular price $65
Marie-Veronique-Balancing-Hypotonic-CAP Beauty
Balancing HypoTonic
Marie Veronique
Beta-gulcan and d-panthenol rehydrate, rebalance microflora and skin pH.
Regular price $55
Activist AMS - Green Botanical Serum - CAP Beauty
Green Botanical Serum
Botanicals from land and sea for nourished skin.
Regular price $85
best seller
CAP Beauty - Blue Soothing Cleanser - Front View
blue soothing cleanser
CAP Beauty
The ultimate soothing cream cleanser.
Regular price $65
Monastery - Universal Balm - CAP Beauty
Universal Balm
The all-over salve your body needs.
Regular price $48
Lesse - Essential Moisturizer - Face - CAP Beauty
Essential Moisturizer
Soothing day and night cream formulated with Kakadu Plum, the world’s richest source of Vitamin C.
Regular price $120
best seller
Marie Veronique - Multi-Retinol Night Emulsion - CAP Beauty
Multi-Retinol Night Emulsion
Marie Veronique
A highly effective, microbiome-friendly retinol.
Regular price $135
Jordan Mcdonald - CAP - Matcha Bowl - CAP Collaborations
The Matcha Bowl
CAP Beauty + Jordan McDonald
The vessel for ultimate matcha enjoyment.
Regular price $70
Monastery - Flora Botanical Cream Serum - CAP Beauty
Flora Botanical Cream Serum
A multitasker of the highest order, this serum nourishes deeply.
Regular price $140
best seller
CAP Beauty - Serotoner - Natural Skincare Toner - Mist
CAP Beauty
Mist your way to happier and calmer looking skin.
Regular price $58
CAP Grocery - Honey Hi - Pumpkin Pancake Mix - CAP Collaborations
The Pumpkin Spice Pancake Mix
CAP Beauty + Honey Hi
Your ultimate fall pancake mix.
Regular price $25
Autumn Sonata - Helena Pool Towel - Red Navy - CAP
Helena Pool Towel
Autumn Sonata
The ultimate organic oversized pool towel.
Regular price $120
Botanica - CAP - Magic Spice - CAP Collaborations
The Magic Spice
CAP Beauty + Botanica
The magic spice flavor amplifier.
Regular price $15
CAP - Matcha Stick - CAP Grocery
The Matcha Stick
CAP Beauty
Individual organic, ceremonial grade matcha.
Regular price $3