Gua Sha Comb

The Gua Sha Comb from Sándor is a massage tool specifically designed to ease tension and stimulate the scalp. An ideal addition to every hair care ritual, this tool encourages relaxation and promotes circulation, bringing nutrients and oxygen to our hair follicles to stimulate proper hair growth. Made of Bian stone from Shandong, China, which contains up to 40 trace minerals and emits natural infrared waves, this comb eases inflammation and tight muscles through touch and healing energy. Before bathing, stroke the Gua Sha Comb over your scalp, using gentle pressure, for a relaxing head massage with benefits. Sándor creates luxurious and sustainable haircare products that coexist with nature. Welcome in the power of healing touch for your most beautiful locks yet.
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With gentle pressure, move Gua Sha over the scalp in short or long S strokes to relieve mild to moderate tension. Between uses, store it in its box, as it can break if dropped. Wash with mild soap and water after each use.


Bian stone