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CAP Beauty - Coconut Butter - Grocery
The Coconut Butter
CAP Beauty
Stone ground, raw, organic coconut for smoothies, tea and tonics.
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CAP Beauty - Matcha Tin - Organic - Ceremonial Grade
The Matcha
CAP Beauty
Organic, ceremonial grade matcha to uplift and energize.
Regular price $38
CAP Beauty - Matcha Stick Box - Organic - Ceremonial Grade
The Matcha Stick Box
CAP Beauty
Organic, ceremonial grade matcha for travel.
Regular price $36
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CAP Beauty - Serotoner - Natural Skincare Toner - Mist
CAP Beauty
Mist your way to happier and calmer looking skin.
Regular price $58
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Marie Veronique - Barrier Restore Serum - CAP Beauty
Barrier Restore Serum
Marie Veronique
Post-cleansing face serum with hyaluronic acid, for all skin types.
Regular price $115
CAP Beauty - Pink Mountain Salt - Pantry - Front View
The Pink Mountain Salt
CAP Beauty
Mineralize your meals.
Regular price $22
CAP Beauty - The CAPtivator Love Bath - CAP Beauty
The CAPtivator Love Bath
CAP Beauty
Epsom salt, mineral bath soak with sandalwood, neroli and sage.
Regular price $12
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LivOn Labs - Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C - Supplement - CAP Beauty
Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C
LivOn Labs
Sachets to boost immunity, nourish skin, muscles and joints.
Regular price $50
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Marie Veronique - Pure + E.O. Free Oil Cleanser - CAP Beauty
Pure + E.O. Free Oil Cleanser
Marie Veronique
Non-stripping, gentle oil cleanser.
Regular price $65
Davids Natural Toothpaste - Peppermint Toothpaste - CAP Beauty
Peppermint Toothpaste
Davids Natural Toothpaste
Remove plaque and brighten teeth.
Regular price $11
CAP Beauty - High Vibrational Beauty - Cookbook
High Vibrational Beauty
CAP Beauty
Recipes & Rituals for Radical Self Care
Regular price $27
Bodha - Smokeless Organic Incense - Ground - CAP Beauty
Smokeless Organic Ground Incense
Japanese Cypress, cedar-wood and bergamot to center and ground.
Regular price $40
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Monastery - Rose Cleansing Oil - CAP Beauty
Rose Cleansing Oil
A makeup melting cleansing oil with rose essence to nourish and balance pH levels.
Karmameju - Buff Natural Body Brush - CAP Beauty
Buff Natural Body Brush
Brush to stimulate nervous system and increase circulation.
Regular price $43
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Marie Veronique - Multi-Retinol Night Emulsion - CAP Beauty
Multi-Retinol Night Emulsion
Marie Veronique
A highly effective, microbiome-friendly retinol.
Regular price $135
Bathing Culture - Mind Body Wash - CAP Beauty - Front View
Mind and Body Wash
Bathing Culture
Biodegradable, all purpose concentrated soap.
Regular price $20
Herbal Coffee
Wooden Spoon Herbs
Support your microbiome with this coffee taste-alike.
Regular price $24
Living Libations - Happy Gum Drops - CAP Beauty
Happy Gum Drops
Living Libations
Antibacterial drops with essential oils.
Regular price $36
Masa Memory - Sonoran Sunset Cacao - CAP Beauty
Sonoran Sunset Cacao
CAP Beauty + Masa Memory
Heirloom drinking chocolate with a touch of spice.
Regular price $45
Rainbo - 11:11 TINCTURE - CAP Beauty
The power of fungi in a bottle.
Regular price $49
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Activist - Manuka Honey Mask - CAP Beauty - Front View
Manuka Honey Mask
The power of Mānuka, now in an easy to use tube.
Regular price $65
Lesse - Bioactive Mask - Face - CAP Beauty
Bioactive Mask
Remove impurities and detox the skin.
Regular price $85
Goji, Coconut, Nigella Seed
CAP Beauty + Spring & Mulberry
A limited edition chocolate bar sweetened with dates.
Regular price $16
Alexis Smart Flower Remedies - First Aid Kit - CAP Beauty - Front View
First Aid Kit
Alexis Smart Flower Remedies
Oral drops to center and relieve stress.
Regular price $45
Moon Juice - Magnesi-Om - CAP Beauty
Moon Juice
A berry unstressing drink to calm you from the inside out.
Regular price $44
The Matcha Whisk
The Matcha Whisk
CAP Beauty
Ceremonial tea whisk.
Regular price $76
Activist - Manuka 100+ - CAP Beauty - Front View
Activist Manuka 1000+
The bee's knees of honeys.
Regular price $165
Supernatural - HRBLS Digestness - CAP Beauty
HRBLS Digestness
Bring the gift of gut health with you.
Regular price $25
CAP Beauty - Autumn Sonata - Elena Toiletry Kit - Collaboration - Front View
The Elena Toiletry Kit
CAP Beauty + Autumn Sonata
Pack your skincare in style.
Regular price $140
Reduce stress and support your immune system with the Queen Healer, Reishi.
Regular price $40