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Everyday Oil - Mainstay Blend - Body Oil - CAP Beauty
Everyday Oil
Everyday Oil
Multi-purpose oil to ease inflammation and soothe delicate skin.
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Karmameju - Recharge Ionic Body Brush - CAP Beauty
Recharge Ionic Body Brush
Brush to detoxify and recharge.
Regular price $73
Karmameju - Renew Face Brush - CAP Beauty
Renew Face Brush
Exfoliate, drain lymphatics and increase circulation.
Regular price $42
Karmameju - Activate Scalp Brush - CAP Beauty
Activate Scalp Brush
A dry brush for scalp health.
Regular price $24

Give Good Gift.

Once you know the power of naturals, you’ll want to share. The gift of health is the gift of love. Spread the power. Beauty is wellness.

Seed + Mill - Organic Tahini - CAP Beauty
Organic Tahini
Seed + Mill
Organic Ethiopian sesame seeds delight.
Regular price $15
Bare Hands - Dry Gloss Manicure Kit - CAP Beauty - Outside Front
The Dry Gloss Manicure Kit
Bare Hands
Meet your new manicure.
Regular price $42
Bodha - Smokeless Organic Incense - Ground - CAP Beauty
Smokeless Organic Ground Incense
Japanese Cypress, cedar-wood and bergamot to center and ground.
Regular price $40
CAP Beauty - Komakichi - Matcha Whisk - Chasen - Bamboo - Pink - Front View
The Matcha Whisk
CAP Beauty
Ceremonial tea whisk.
Regular price $76
Bathing Culture - Mind Body Wash Refillable - Glass Bottle Pump - CAP Beauty
Refillable Mind and Body Wash
Bathing Culture
Refillable, responsible, radiant bathing vibes.
Regular price $35
Butter Elixir - Butter Elixir - CAP Beauty
Butter Elixir
Butter Elixir
Multi-purpose moisturizer with argan oil, almond oil, lavender and chamomile.
Regular price $48
Living Libations - Peppermint Exfoliating Body Scrub - CAP Beauty
Peppermint Exfoliating Scrub
Living Libations
Minty body exfoliator with seaweed and pumice.
Regular price $36
Leaves and Flowers - Turmeric Wellness - Tea - CAP Beauty
Turmeric Wellness
Leaves and Flowers
Wellness never tasted so good.
Regular price $19
Nucifera - The Balm - CAP Beauty
The Balm
Plant butters and oils to cleanse, moisturize and treat inflamed or irritated skin.
Regular price $40
Lanshin - Scalp Stimulator - CAP Beauty
Scalp Stimulator
Awaken your scalp.
Regular price $59
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CAP Beauty - Wooden Spoon Herbs - Light Ray - Tincture - Skin Health - Front View
Light Ray
CAP Beauty + Wooden Spoon Herbs
Reveal radiance and luminosity from the inside out.
Regular price $35
Liquid Sunshine Preserved Lemon Crush
This preserved sunshine brings a bright taste to any dish.
Regular price $14
Living Libations - Best Skin Ever Sea Buckthorn - CAP Beauty
Best Skin Ever Sea Buckthorn
Living Libations
Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize face, promote cell turnover.
Binu Binu - Boricha Tea Soap - Body - CAP Beauty - Front View
Boricha Tea Soap
Binu Binu
Essential oils and Rhassoul clay to detox skin.
Regular price $22
Binu Binu - Senshin Korean Scrub Mitt - Body - CAP Beauty - Front View
Seshin Korean Scrub Mitt
Binu Binu
A modern Korean bathhouse exfoliating mitt.
Regular price $22
CAP Beauty - The CAPtivator - CAP Beauty
The CAPtivator
CAP Beauty + lotus wei
Mist with sandalwood to cultivate energy and love.
Regular price $46
In Fiore - Jasmine Superieur Body Balm - CAP Beauty
Jasmine Supérieur Body Balm
In Fiore
Deep conditioning body balm.
Regular price $225
Salt Cellar in white
Shane Gabier
Season your food by hand.
Regular price $58
Karmameju - Buff Natural Body Brush - CAP Beauty
Buff Natural Body Brush
Brush to stimulate nervous system and increase circulation.
Regular price $43
Shane Gabier - Salt Cellar - CAP Beauty
Salt Cellar
Shane Gabier
Put your favorite mineral on display.
Regular price $58
Balmyard Beauty - Romantic Call Body Oil - CAP Beauty - Front View
Romantic Call Body Oil
Balmyard Beauty
Moisturize and heal with coconut, shea, almond and hibiscus oils.
Regular price $82
Robe in Brown
CAP Beauty + Rachel Comey
CAP + Rachel Comey dream robe collaboration
Regular price $275
In Fiore - Kashmir Body Balm - CAP Beauty
Kashmir Body Balm
In Fiore
A deeply conditioning, hand blended body balm with a base of Grapeseed Oil, Golden Jojoba Seed Oil and Vitamin E.
Regular price $225
CAP Beauty - Robe - CAP Beauty
CAP Beauty + Rachel Comey
CAP + Rachel Comey dream robe collaboration.
Regular price $230
CAP Beauty - Robe in Navy - CAP Beauty
Robe in Navy
CAP Beauty + Rachel Comey
CAP + Rachel Comey dream robe collaboration
Regular price $248