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Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner

Bring yourself to the next level of oral health with this tongue scraper by the master of all things related to the mouth, Dr. Tung. Tongue scraping has long been a cornerstone of Ayurveda, where it is encouraged as a way to remove toxic residue from the body and to heighten your ability to taste, thereby discouraging the addition of unneeded sugar, salt or excessive spice to your food. When done on a daily basis, improved digestion, clarity of mind and stimulation of internal organs is accomplished. Tongue cleaners come in different colors, we will fulfill your order with what is available.


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A must have. Best purchase ever!

Everyday, twice a day and say hello to fresh, clean breath

Casey Willis
Makes my mouth feel so clean!

I use this morning and night (and sometimes during the day if I’ve eaten anything sugary). It makes my mouth feel cleaner than just brushing. The travel bag is super handy as I can just throw it in my purse on the go! I also use the Dr. tung’s ionic tooth brush which I’d also recommend!