Women with Superpowers


Nitsa Citrine and Tasya van Ree are the founders of Women with Superpowers, a project that celebrates women as artists, activists and healers. We talked to them about how their partnership came about, and what superpowers mean to them.

Please introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about who you are.Tasya van Ree: Artist and co-founder of WWS

Nitsa Citrine: artist / alchemist / creative director and co-founder of Women With Superpowers.

How did you conceive of this project and what are each of your superpowers? How do you define superpowers and does everyone have them? Are you able to see superpowers in others? T: Divine intervention.

My superpower is being able to translate life through a poetic prism.

A woman’s superpower, by definition to me, is a fantastical way of saying what her essence is. Everyone is able to see it and feel it.

N: This project was born from a place of love and reverence for all the amazing women in our lives. We initially wanted it to be a photo exhibit, a series of portraits celebrating female artists and their ability to heal (others, themselves, the planet) through their work. We were brainstorming different names for the series and the phrase “Women With Superpowers” came through. The title kind of kicked the whole project into gear and has opened up a whole world of magic, empowerment, creativity and connection.

A superpower I recognized in myself was the power of Fantasy. I am quite at home in my imagination, and can make a lot happen from here. (!!!)

How do you feed your superpowers? Literally and figuratively? T: Through art and love and the most intimate connection with Mother Nature.

N: Matcha, tonic herbs, wild teas, solitude, selfcare, hot springs, floral hydrosols, essential oils, taking time to be enveloped by nature, practicing courageous and open communication, listening to my inner guides.

How would you encourage women and girls to tap into their deepest powers? What would you recommend as practices to discover and hone them? T: Believe you are infinite!

I would recommend surrendering to the unknown. Untying yourself from the institution of illusions and embracing the intuitive perception of your inner voice.

N: Pay attention to the moments when we feel most alive, powerful, clear, sexy, strong, intelligent, vulnerable, generous, loving, beautiful. Be present with these moments, their multi sensory nuances and how they influence the ways in which we move through our lives.

Take notes. Take risks. Follow your excitement!

We love that you’re celebrating women. Has this always been a passion of yours? T: I’ve always had a deep affection for the feminine. They have always been an outstanding presence and influence in my life. I love that we are able to celebrate them in such a way that is reverential and sweet.

N: Since Birth

Who are your personal superheroes? And why? T: The ancestral line of women who came before me.

N: Every woman! Every flower! Every breath!

What is your favorite thing about each other?

T: Nitsa is an exquisite crescendo of cosmic sound. It’s what I love most about her.

N: Ohhh, so many things! Tasya’s ability to make me laugh. Her eye. Her open mind and kindest, strongest heart. Her hands.

What has surprised you about this project of passion? Any revelations or discoveries about it? Things you didn’t expect to come to pass? T: I am mostly intrigued by just how intricately connected each woman is to one another in the most familiar, yet distinct ways. It’s a beautiful discovery.

N: How exquisitely unique and magical every woman is.

Do you have one pie in the sky women that you’re hoping to profile? T: I want to find a woman in some indigenous ancient tribe that knows the secret code of the stars, and photograph her, her eyes and her hands.

N: Malala Yousafzai and Cate Blanchett

What does a day in your life look like and what are your five favorite products from CAP? T: I spend most of my days creating art (all mediums), drinking Matcha, taking meetings and listening to music.

CAP Beauty The Neat Matcha Stick Box Nucifera The Balm Canyon Coffee Tatama, Colombia Medium Roast Coffee Urban Moonshine Original Digestive Bitters Sun Potion // Shea Butter

N: Literally, EVERYTHING!!!

(Impossible to choose but today the first that come to mind….) Sun Potion Reishi Mushroom Golda Atmosphere Mist CAP Coconut Butter Living Libations Salt Pipe Inhaler Nucifera Balm Urban Moonshine Joy Tonic

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