The blues of winter are here, so we’ve rounded up our favorite ways to let in the light. With rituals that allow for a soak in the tub, the preparation of a deeply delicious drink and products that remind us of summer, this roundup has you covered for these last days of the season. Because spring is coming.

Activist Manuka Honey

A favorite of ours for so many reasons. This beautifully sourced honey from New Zealand works just as well in the kitchen as in the bathroom. We love to use it as a powerful and calming face mask, and we also love to add it to our tea to help digestion. Let this magical elixir act as your first aid kit for all that you need; body, mind and spirit.

Matcha Sticks

Don’t leave home without them. Our organic, ceremonial grade matcha in travel form is the best way to uplevel your trip and stay feeling your best when on the go. Loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C, our matcha has become a daily habit that supports our health from the inside out.

Sisters Shampoo

This feel good, do good line created by three sisters does it all. With 40% of profits going to organizations that support women’s health, this micro-biome friendly range does good on all levels. It’s the one we always have in the bath. With good reason.

Matcha Whisk

The perfect tool for your matcha routine, this handmade Japanese whisk, is an excellent addition to your matcha ceremony. Feel the calm, and invite it in.

Daughter of the Land Bath Soak

Soak it in, and banish the winter blues. French grey salt and rosehips marry to nourish and and heal you deeply. Allow trace minerals and antioxidants to elevate your bath, and sleep soundly. 

Nucifera Mist

We love a good toner here at CAP, and this one is at the top of the list. Created from the success of the original balm of the same name, this mist is cooling, hydrating and super refreshing. Add this to your routine, and feel the power of nature. 

Matcha Tin

A month supply of calm focus, our matcha keeps you going with clarity and diligence, all while feeling your best. Matcha is an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamins and a delicious new routine for your day. Begin within.

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