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Wheel of Achievement


The Wheel of Achievement. Kerrilynn and Cindy were first entranced by this meditation at one of their weekly Sky Ting classes, and immediately asked Krissy + Chloe to share it with our readers. This beautiful meditation incorporates discipline, consistency and a strong belief in the universe. The perfect marriage for a transformative experience.


An excellent meditation for goal seekers that we learned from our mentor (and high priestess!), Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga. We like to start by sitting in a comfortable position, then envisioning each point on the wheel from 1 to 9 until we get back to the beginning. Happy manifesting.

1. Goal – Set a goal in the back of your mind.

2. Grace – Ask for grace from the universe.

3. View From The Mountain – What is the larger picture?

4. Potential – Put your goal in front of you on your future path.

5. Drive – Move toward your goal. Put the pedal to the medal.

6. Effort – Make the effort to get the goal done.

7. Patience – Be patient.

8. Memory – Put your goal behind you. Make it a memory to begin the process again.

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