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CAP is rooted in the philosophy that beauty stems from vibrant health. And vibrant health begins within. And so, we’ve partnered with Sakara Life, to offer you a week of their most beautifying meals paired with a collection of our favorite beauty products for ultimate radiance. From the inside out and outside in. Welcome to EAT PRETTY 2019. Here is the beauty you'll find inside along with some wisdom from the founders and formulators behind these magical goods.


Join the cult of oil cleansing and say hello your cleanest, dewiest, most nourished skin. Dissolve makeup and the impurities of modern living while infusing your skin with hydrating, antioxidant rich botanicals. With anti-inflammatory turmeric, healing blue tansy and calendula, this golden oil soothes, detoxifies and delivers radiance. It's unique formula leaves no residue and rinses with simply water. No double cleansing required.

From Katharine L'Heureux, Founder of Kahina:

What does “eat pretty” mean to you?

Unleashing the powers of plant nutrition to enhance health and well-being by optimizing our bodies' functions.  That means healthy fats for glowing skin, probiotics for gut health, amino acids and adaptogens for improved cellular function, and avoiding inflammatory foods.

Has food and beauty always been inextricably linked or was there an experience that led you towards holistic way of thinking about food?

I have had a complicated relationship with food in my lifetime.  The mental shift from counting calories to embracing food for health and beauty has been life changing. It started for me about 15 years ago when I started growing organic vegetables in my garden and became more connected to my food supply.  That was around the same time that I became interested in natural beauty remedies. I swear my skin is better now than it was ten years ago.

Which meal makes you feel most beautiful?

I would have to say breakfast is always the meal when I feel most optimistic about the possibilities of food to improve mood and performance. I love starting my day with the CAP 8 O'CLOCK powder in my tea.



Perfectly balanced, radiantly beautiful. A nourishing daily mist to balance and restore skin’s ever present microbiome. The Proprietary Microbiotic Complex, Licorice Root and Coconut Water restore and promote natural microbiota, hydrate and smooth, ensuring optimal barrier function. True skin food.

From founder Marie-Veronique Nadeau:

What does “eat pretty” mean to you?

It means eating healthy food that maintains a healthy body. A healthy person is automatically an attractive one.

Has food and beauty always been inextricably linked or was there an experience that led you towards holistic way of thinking about food? 

Consider that the link is health — you eat healthy food that promotes bodily health, and that extends to skin health. And a healthy skin is a beautiful skin. And a beautiful skin is the mainstay of physical beauty. So the links forging the chain are: Good food > healthy body > healthy skin > beautiful skin > physical beauty

Which meal makes you feel most beautiful?

Meal that makes me feel the most beautiful—meals with seafood, particularly tuna, salmon, sardines — fish high in Omega 3s of the eicosapentaenoic acid type. Add rice and a salad with avocado topped with peanut dressing and crushed peanuts and you have a delicious meal that ticks all the boxes—protein, minerals, B-vitamins, whole grains and Omega 3 EFAs.



This is one little oil we can’t recommend enough. Pai’s special blend of Andean Rosehip Seed Oil with Rosehip Fruit Oil results in an especially effective treatment that works for almost all skin types and issues. This oil contains high levels of Omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9, which refine the skin and brings it back to its best level of health. It’s also rich in carotenoids, a potent antioxidant which gives the oil its vibrant orange glow. Pai’s Rosehip Oil is a wonderful multi-tasker that can be used to treat anything which is preventing the skin from presenting as its best self: hyperpigmentation, scarring, blemishes - this oil is your warrior to the rescue. Skin, meet your new best friend.



Sister to the gorgeous Luxury Lip Balm from Henne Organics, the Rose Diamonds Lip Exfoliator is sumptuous, surprising and divine. From its rosy hue to its delicately sweet taste this exfoliator is anything but ordinary. Organic Sugar Crystals, Coconut and Rose Essential Oil come together to exfoliate and nourish lips for a perfectly smooth pout. Kissing just got better. 

From Laura Xiao, Founder of Henne:

What does “eat pretty” mean to you? 

Nutritious food that is both delicious and aesthetically pleasing. I’m a sucker for food that’s beautifully presented.

Has food and beauty always been inextricably linked or was there an experience that led you towards holistic way of thinking about food? 

I was fortunate to be raised in a household where healthy eating was the norm, but I didn’t start integrating food and beauty until the past 4-5 years. These days, I definitely pay more attention to buying and eating certain types of food that benefit my body as well as my skin.

Which meal makes you feel most beautiful? 

Any meal that contains avocado!



This natural, organic and light-lather shampoo draws on the magic of Rahua Oil, an Amazonian treasure known to strengthen hair and add a lustrous shine. It works for all hair types and is especially effective for color-treated hair. A natural cleanser derived from coconut oil cleanses gently without removing color pigmentation, while Rahua oil molecules penetrate deep into the hair shaft, strengthening and fortifying weak, damaged strands while regenerating the scalp and hair follicles. If that weren’t enough, Palo Santo Oil with its deliriously beautiful scent makes this shampoo a joy to use and a ticket to gorgeous glowing locks.

From Anna Ayers, Cofounder and CEO of Rahua: 

What does “eat pretty” mean to you?

For me, eating pretty means eating plant-based. The sun provides plants with energy to grow and when we eat those plants, that energy is absorbed into our bodies. When I think about food as energy, it feels very clean and pure and makes me feel strong and beautiful. This thoughtful appreciation of the deliciousness of food also serves as a reminder to be grateful of where my food comes from — Mother Nature!

Has food and beauty always been inextricably linked or was there an experience that led you towards holistic way of thinking about food? 

I grew up in Georgia where food is heavier. After moving to New York City, I was introduced to a larger variety of foods including lighter food options as well as a more active lifestyle. This began a shift for me in my diet and my relationship with food. Later in my adulthood I had the good fortune to take many trips into the Amazon rainforest and through a shamanic experience it deepened and transformed my relationship to food, setting me on a path of a plant-based diet. And now, after preparing for my second child and thereafter, I find myself even more thoughtful about the foods I choose and the time I take to enjoy eating.

Which meal makes you feel most beautiful? 

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best. I love to get inspired and prepare meals around produce that is in season. Salads with arugula, tomatoes and avocado, pumpkin seeds. Vegetable soup in the winter. Baked cabbage. 




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