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Tulum Travel Guide


I took a trip to Tulum late this summer, not knowing much about it besides the fact that literally everyone told me I had to eat at Hartwood. Considering the best part about taking a vacation is the planning that happens beforehand, I spent the two weeks before I left doing research. And it turns out that Tulum is a green juice drinking, raw food eating, yoga loving mecca. They do call it the Brooklyn of Mexico, after all. I did all the touristy things (Mayan Ruins, Cenotes), but my favorite discoveries from this magical hippie beach town are below:

Sanará – If you’re planning a trip to Tulum, you should probably stay here. The property is beautiful and the beach is serene. And it has hands down the most gorgeous yoga studio I have ever practiced in. I took a hatha alignment class here the first morning I arrived in town. After class I walked down a sandy pathway to Sanará’s restuarant, The Real Coconut, which I also highly recommend. Get the quesadilla, which despite how it sounds, is both gluten and dairy free.

Hoki Poki Kana – Tulum isn’t known for it’s shopping scene, but this place is definitely worth a visit. They carry cult favorites like Lisa Marie Fernandez and Thierry Lasry. I picked up a dress from here and it ended up being the only thing I wore for the rest of my trip, much to the dismay of my overstuffed suitcase.

Raw Love – A colorful little raw vegan shack hidden on the grounds of the Ahua Hotel, this place is a Kimberly Snyder favorite. Half the smoothie bowls you see on Instagram are probably from here, and while they were tempting, I opted for a Maca-Vanilla smoothie, and a Life Giver (Reishi and Chaga brewed with Cacao) instead.

Yaan Wellness – Thank you Angela of Jiva Apoha for recommending this incredible space to me. I arrived early one morning to this wellness center for a meditation class, followed by one of their signature massages. All treatments begin with a healing water circuit that includes sauna, steam room, a marble hammam room and indoor and outdoor massage pools. They even have a rooftop garden where they harvest herbs. If you’re in town during the full moon, definitely attend one of their temazcal ceremonies.

Co.ConAmor – This place has bulk ingestibles! It’s not quite a grocery store, but they do have some harder to find organic and speciality food options, as well as some natural toiletries like toothpaste and Dr. Bronner’s soap.

Restaurare – The most delicious Mayan-style vegan restaurant nestled on the jungle side of the beach road. We ate here the first and last night of our trip. They even provide their own natural (and homemade) insect repellent, although I came prepared.

Nòmade – If you don’t stay at Sanará, stay here. Or spend the day here on the beach. They have a meditation tent, a raw vegan restaurant, and they are conveniently located right across the street from Yaan.

Casa Jaguar – I ended up meeting friends here that happened to be in Tulum at the same time. It’s a great spot to grab post-dinner drinks. I prefer it to its super popular counterpart, Gitano.

Hartwood – I was so ready to let everyone know how overhyped Hartwood was. I made a reservation for 7pm. We waited for over an hour. They forgot about our drinks during the wait. And I more than forgave all of this the moment our food arrived. Everything here is done with such care and intention, which really comes through in the food. Although they are known for their fish and locally sourced meat, they have an off-menu option for plant-based eaters, so don’t be afraid to ask for it.

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