Meet the O'CLOCKS


To tell the history of CAP Beauty without a mention of adaptogens would be a tale mistold. Our shelves have never been without them, since day one. Our belief and love for these powerful herbs are a part of our daily rituals and serve as a foundation for our beauty belief system. Begin within. 

As both vendors and consumers of adaptogens, we’ve learned a thing or two. We know what we want and we know what’s missing. We love an herbal blend, one that is formulated for us by a master herbalist who understands the synergies between the plants, one that is meticulously sourced and one that is, most importantly, designed to support our bodies and minds through the rhythms of the day. This is how and why we seek the help of tonic herbs and it only makes sense to tailor our blends to those times we naturally seek their grace.

And so The O’CLOCKS were born. The 8am, The 4pm and The 10pm blends are here to support you. All day, every day. They energize when you lag. They ground you when flightiness abounds. Let them be your handmaidens and embrace the magic. Your best days await.

To allow our vision to come to life, we enlisted the talents of “Superior Herbalist” Rehmannia Dean Thomas. Rehmannia practices Taoist Herbology, specifically from a lineage known as the Gate of Life, which he considers to be the most sophisticated system of herbs ever developed. His formulas support our three essential forces, Jing, our physical and reproductive bodies, Chi, our ame or metabolism, and Shen, our spirit. To balance these “Three Treasures,” as they are known, is to create health and energy. Rehmannia studied under the great Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden and has written six books on tonic herbalism. He’s forged relationships with the most meticulous suppliers of herbs and works with the very highest quality ingredients. For all of these reasons and more, we tapped him to develop our very first collection of adaptogenic blends.

A word from Rehmannia: "Chinese herbs are meticulously categorized according to their “atmospheric energies,” and can be formulated to serve the circadian rhythms, metabolic, hormonal and spiritual needs of our day. When we wake, our body seeks stimulus, and “Yang” herbs are appropriate. As we begin our day, herbs that tonify Chi are helpful to supply our daily energy needs, and as we wind down in the evenings, we can take elixirs of Yin replenishing and spirit soothing (Shen) herbs. The formulas I designed for CAP are combined of herbs that support the differing daily energy needs from stimulation to replenishment, when we need it."

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