What started out as an aside, a catchy way for us to share our favorite finds and discoveries, has evolved into a force of its own. Our Sh*t We’re Digging round ups garner the greatest love. We hear it all the time when we meet you, our CAP Beauty family, out and about in the world. They are our most opened newsletter, and we love that you love them. We didn’t invent the format. It’s been done, most notably, by the brilliant women at Of A Kind. Lacy from Free + Native, James and Katie at Mother Mag, Tim Ferriss and Rich Roll each have a version. As do countless others. Maybe there’s never too much of a good thing. It’s hard to believe we’ve sent 50 volumes of Sh*t We’re Digging. Here’s a look back. The greatest hits, the sh*t well dig forever. Thanks for reading and thanks for all the love. 

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1. I’m a hard core real estate voyeur and when I happened upon this my heart stopped. Full blown magic.

2. Lately I’ve become obsessed with the Lone Star state. Until I get there, I’ll start with this little piece from one of the prettiest hotels west of the Mississippi.

3. Poodles by way of Japan. Say no more, I’m in.

4. My incense finally has a worthy partner. This charming companion is sure to elevate one of my favorite rituals.

5. The exquisite (and delicious!) power of the plant based kingdom as seen through the eyes of a Michelin starred chef.

6. I’m looking to uplevel my lounging game (I did just move to the West Coast!) and I’d like to start here. Here’s to dinner parties in pajamas. Pass the salad, please.

7. The plastic bag is officially over. Especially with these around. Keep one in your bag, in the car, in the closet. You'll find a use for them everywhere.

8. If Elizabeth Peyton created whimsical, decorative versions of her paintings, these might be the result. And until the day that I can get my hands on one of her brilliantly breathtaking pieces, I’ll happily live with these.  

9. When I was little I volunteered at a nature center in Oregon and spent pretty much ALL my time with the injured animals, many of them birds of prey. I was so serious about it, I even had my own bird glove. So when I happened upon this spot, I knew I had to take a trip back in time. Next trip to California, this is first on my list.

10. I posted her living room months ago on our Instagram and was thrilled to see her whole home in T Magazine last week. Simply perfect.





Cindy's Shit We're Digging1. From my home in New York City, I can see the world. Culture, history, politics and, above all, food through the eyes of one of the coolest guys around. Sunday nights just aren’t the same without it.

2. Our brilliant food stylist, Victoria Granof, introduced us to Janaki's ethereal, elegant work. I’m in love with it all. And with her beautiful life.

3. Tea time made better. Once in the afternoon and once at night.

4. Every once in a while a product comes along that blows me away, not for its anti-aging prowess or its advanced formulation but for its ability to transport me immediately to a beach. Probably in Hawaii. This magical blend will leave your skin nourished and supple and smelling of the tropics. It is without a doubt the best $24 you’ll spend this summer. 

5. This exquisite magazine speaks (loudly!) to the stylist in me. Eclecticism rules with prints on prints and then some more. Eye candy of the highest order.

6. The pig is in. 

7. On my next trip to Portland I will, without fail, visit this incredible spot. 

8. As a special needs mom, I am moved beyond measure by the mission of this remarkable spot. I would love to go for a meal…and, yes, a hug. (Watch the video, but be sure to have the tissues handy!)

9. Sometimes the title says it all. This one’s everything.

10. I’d like to be under the sea… We found it at the southern tip of Manhattan. Our little hideaway beneath the waves.

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