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Founder of The Setting, Amanda Shine is the quintessential entertainer. Her pieces are inspired by her love for everyday entertaining, and made with the intention to bring fun and simplicity to even the most reluctant of hosts.


In your own words, how would you describe what you do?

I’m the Founder of The Setting, a lifestyle brand focused on providing simple and contemporary entertaining tips for my generation. We also sell handmade ceramics that are customizable with unique messages and designs. Our purpose is to provide both content and products to empower the modern woman with what she needs to re-set the way she hosts at home.

What has lead you down the path to this point in your career? Can you tell us a bit about your background?

My background is in marketing and special events. I have worked for incredible people and my work has taken me to China, Europe, South America and across the U.S. producing high-touch branded moments. After experiencing first-hand how much people enjoy a cool event and how much I liked being a part of producing them, I started thinking about how I could apply my experience to my own home.  I started looking around for inspiration and what I found were traditional resources with a more mature approach and tone, which I felt were talking at me and not with me.  I wanted to have a conversation about how to balance a career, family and personal life, while still creating unique memories and moments.

Why did you choose ceramics as the medium for your work?

I’m a tactile person and I’ve been experimenting with ceramics since middle school.  Once I started having friends over in my late twenties, I began looking for pieces to curate my table setting. I couldn’t find anything handmade that also felt personal and functional. I got back into throwing my own pieces to use at home and began customizing them with little messages.  My friends loved them and wanted to place orders. The brand just grew from there.

What inspires you when it comes to your art?

My friends and my family. I have such creative and smart people that I look up to and they inspire me to trust my gut, work hard for what I want and stand up for what I believe in.

Do you have a favorite piece? What is your relationship to this piece?

I love the mugs and the vases. I drink a lot of tea and I love putting the customized mugs to work — I have one I use every morning that says “100%” on the side which always makes me start the day off with a smile. I also love our vases because I love having flowers around the house. I talk a lot about that on our Tabletop Journal, where we provide easy shortcuts for arrangements, recipes, interviews and more. Fresh flowers bring the simplest space to life and a cool vase takes that one step further. I love customizing our vases  with names or meaningful dates for weddings or birthdays — every time you see them, it’s a nice reminder that someone wanted you to feel special and that’s what I love about our line.  Vases have become our top selling piece and I think the customization has a lot to do with it.

What is your creative process like?

It changes every day, I grew up in Southampton a few miles from the ocean so in general, I’m inspired by the beach and that palette shows throughout our entire collection.  Our pieces are unique in that many of them are customized, so there is an involved co-creation process with the customer.  We collaborate on what each customer is hoping to create and then I use their inspiration to provide sketches, silhouettes and fonts for customers to choose from.

What has been the most exciting moment in your career to date?

The first time we were featured in Vogue was a big moment for me – my feet didn’t touch the ground for a day or two..

As someone who has started their own business, what is the secret to your success?

Working hard and surrounding yourself with people you admire.

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