Naturals are the new wave.

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The Magic Milks


Meet The Magic Milks. With our flavored coconut butters as the base, these milks are as nutrient rich as they are perfectly pastel. Celebrate the magic of Mother Earth's miraculous coconut. This time loaded with the life giving powers of our favorite superfoods. Pretty is as pretty does. Or as we like to say, drink it in.

16 ounces nut or seed milk of choice 

2 tablespoons coconut butter of choice

1 tablespoon tocos 

1 teaspoon honey or sweetener of choice, optional 

Pinch of raw vanilla powder or extract 

Pinch of Pink Mountain Salt 

Add ingredients to a high speed blender, give it a few pulses and enjoy! Serve it neat or over ice if extra cooling is desired. 

Note: If preparing in advance coconut butter may re-solidify if kept in the refrigerator. In this case, reblend as necessary to achieve a smooth and creamy consistency.


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