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Meet the maker and enter The Light Ray, our much anticipated collaboration with Lauren of Wooden Spoon Herbs. Lauren’s love for herbs runs wide and deep. Drawing from a range of lineages, Lauren crafts plant remedies that are gentle, healing and replenishing. 

How did you get into making tinctures?

When I first stumbled into the world of herbal medicine, I was making and trying everything, all sorts of creations. Wild foods, sun teas, lunar infusions, flower essences. Through crafting a business I found that tinctures, or medicinal herbal extracts, really resonated with people. I was surprised, thinking teas would be more familiar and popular! Tinctures are great because they are so convenient. They’re easy to take, easy to transport, and can work so quickly. With Wooden Spoon Herbs, we’ve really focused on our tincture line in the past year, and have so many exciting new formulas on the horizon. I’ve also been exploring alcohol-free preparations, and have found those are becoming very well-loved.

Have you always had an interest in healing?

I have! When I was in elementary school I had my entire life path planned out. I was going to become a veterinarian, specifically a wildlife vet who helps rehabilitate animals. I knew where I was going to go to veterinary school even, in Colorado. I’ve always been very nurturing. My sun and moon signs are in Cancer and I have a lot of Capricorn placements, hence all the life path planning.

In a broader sense, I am drawn to healing work because it’s what we’re all here to do. Heal ourselves, heal each other, heal the planet. 

What fascinates you most about plants?

Literally everything. How they turn light into sugar, how they communicate, their secrets and symbioses. I feel like learning about plant medicine is like pulling back the curtain on the secrets of our planet. There are so many other worlds we are just oblivious to. Plants connect us to those other worlds. I think, though, if I had to pick one thing that fascinates me the most, it’s that plants have such distinctive personalities. They always delight me and often crack me up. 

Where does the name Wooden Spoon come from?

Wooden spoons are multipurpose tools that anyone can literally make from a scrap of wood or branch of a tree. They evoke resourcefulness, time well spent, and attention. Like a wooden spoon, herbalism is as simple as gathering your tools from nature, and spending time and attention making something useful. Wooden spoons also harken to the idea of kitchen herbalism, stirring a simmering pot of elderberry syrup on the stove. It’s simple, home-y medicine.

What was the inspiration behind The Light Ray?

CAP Beauty of course! I so admire the way treatments and facials at CAP transcend the physical. They’re truly healing treatments. I’m honored to bring my herbal practice into this alignment, working with our skin from the inside out. Kerrilynn and I wanted to make a formula that would promote glowing skin. I immediately thought of juicy fruits and berries, and wanted to support the liver as well, because it’s so vital to skin health. The end result ended up being a juicy, sweet extract that literally tastes like melted jam.

Can you share some of the benefits?

Beyond tasting like a dream, The Light Ray is packed with vitamin C (which is a building block of collagen) in the form of hibiscus, rosehips and schisandra. Hibiscus is known as “the botox plant” because of the way it moistens and plumps the body, including facial skin. Then there’s schisandra, which is wearing many hats in this formula - balancing hormones, which can be helpful for clearing the skin, nourishing the liver, whose health is vital as it clears waste that could otherwise come through the skin, and being super high in collagen-forming vitamin C. Next there’s an earthy balance of mineral rich nettle, which is full of B vitamins, and gotu kola, which strengthens the external connective tissues, in addition to being moistening and plumping. There’s a lot going on in here. 

How have you been using this personally?

I’m simple! If a remedy tastes great, I’ll just take nips of it throughout the day. I find the flavor of schisandra to be really grounding and empowering; it feels so good in my body. So, I’m just taking it straight from the bottle, a dropperful at a time. I would also love to try this in a popsicle or lemonade recipe, though. 

Any recipe or usage tips?

As this is a tonic, meaning it’s meant to be taken multiple times daily for weeks on end, I would just recommend being diligent if you’re wanting results. It’s not something you can take once and shelve. It tastes great, so my advice is to use it freely and put it on everything! Fruit salad, lemonade, shaved ice, seltzer, yogurt.

Can you please share one of your biggest learnings as a small business owner?

Having a small business is to constantly be learning. I think a good rule of thumb is to keep it light and fun, as much as you can. Listen to great podcasts while you work, build a supportive community that keeps you inspired, try to do one thing that lights you up each day. If I had built a business around anything other than plant medicine, I would have thrown in the towel by now. Showing others the magic and mystery of the plant world is what drives me. Another big thing I’ve re-learned is that I live in a human body that I cannot neglect. I have to meditate and move my body and sleep and eat well or else my nervous system goes out.

What are your favorite CAP Beauty products and why?

CAP Beauty Genmaicha. Genmaicha is such a comforting flavor! Deep, earthy and nutty. I could drink this all day, everyday.

Lauren’s All Purpose. I’m a sucker for anything patchouli, and this nourishing balm smells so comforting to me. I use it every night before bed. Plus this ceramic jar is a dream, a true work of art. Thanks Lauren!

The Light Ray. Our collab with CAP! I truly love this formula and believe in it 100%. I can’t wait for you all to try it.

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