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Lydia Carron knows skincare. So when she wanted to confess her love for The Beautiful Oil, we were all ears. Having only been at CAP for a month, she’s already a trusted source for wellness recommendations across the board. For workouts, restaurants and beauty products, we can’t say we don’t look to her Instagram stories for inspiration. Lydia takes a fully integrated approach to her daily selfcare rituals, then tops it all off with this cult favorite from Kjaer Weis.

I can say with confidence (and no shame whatsoever) that I’ve always been obsessed with skincare. I know next to nothing about makeup, but lotions, creams and serums are my specialty. I don’t even use cleanser in fear of drying out my skin. I know, I KNOW, as someone who works for a beauty company, I should be cognizant of the fact that not all cleansers are drying. But still.

My daily skincare routine involves waking up, splashing water onto my face (New York water is my cleanser) and misting Tata Harper’s Floral Essence. After that, I apply Marie Veronique’s B3 Serum to temper any redness. The final and most important step in my routine is Kjaer Weis’ The Beautiful Oil. These days, I’m all about the oils. And with winter coming (sorry, couldn’t help myself), I need maximum protection and hydration. I use this sweet almond seed, olive and jojoba oil day and night and have since seen a noticeable difference in the luminosity of my skin. It’s not named “The Beautiful Oil” for nothing! What’s more, I no longer think of myself as having dry skin because it is constantly hydrated. This oil has become my second (less dry) skin.

To drive the point home, let me share a little anecdote emphasizing how important hydrated skin is to me.

I used to bring tubs of Vaseline to school when I was younger, so I wouldn’t be caught “drying out” during the day and not be prepared. Yes, I was made fun of for this. When I started modeling and traveling for work, I was constantly searching for ways to add moisture back into my skin. Backstage at the Thakoon fashion show, I was interviewed by Refinery29 about my favorite lip balm. Of course, I went with my trusted Vaseline. To this day, if you google “Lydia Carron Vaseline” the first photo that pops up is of my face with a giant tub of Vaseline pinned next to it. The embarrassment continues.

Why couldn’t I have had The Beautiful Oil (in it’s beautiful bottle) next to my face for eternity? Some of us just get lucky later in life I suppose.

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