The CAP Insider: Lauren


Lauren Brady, our graphic design superstar intern, is the newest addition to CAP HQ. We knew we had to hire her when she showed us a school project she did based on our CAP branding. A true member of the CAP Crew, she's always trying new products in search for her holy grail. The one that stole her heart? The multipurpose Lauren's All Purpose Salve.

I first came across Lauren's All Purpose during my first week at CAP. Drawn to its ceramic jar packaging, I loved the idea that it could be both an art object, and a (super mutlipurpose!) beauty product.

Handmade in Brooklyn, Lauren’s All Purpose Salve was formulated by a chef working in the fiery confines of NYC kitchens who needed an organic burn cream to heal her scarred arms. One herbal apprenticeship and an organic chemistry class later came Lauren’s All Purpose Salve, a soothing, earthy balm with a myriad of uses from hair to hands. Made with a host of botanical oils and butters, nutrient rich hemp oil, nourishing shea butter, anti-fungal coconut oil, decongesting jojoba oil and more, LAPS improves the skin’s barrier function and supports friendly flora while keeping harmful bacteria at bay. Truly multitasking medicine for skin in need, LAPS features superstar healer burdock root, an intense anti-inflammatory traditionally used to cleanse and detoxify. This protective, balancing salve pacifies the skin and grounds the senses with stress reducing lavender, warming patchouli, and refreshing peppermint.

One cream for all your needs, I use this salve to hydrate my face and body, as a deeply replenishing hair mask, shaving cream, makeup remover and glow boosting highlighter.

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