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Katie, our Head of Brand Development, has the schedule of a socialite, so when she recommends a product to unwind, we listen. Right now, she’s into candles from The Sphinx and The Priestess, and all of CAP followed suit. Join the cult and let her lead you in the way of evening rituals.

Part of my role at CAP is managing our buying and determining what new brands to bring on. As you can imagine, I am constantly receiving new products to review and test (I know, tough job!). People often ask what we look for, and it can be a bit subjective. CAP has a very strict ingredient policy, so the product always has to be 100% natural, use high quality ingredients and be effective. Beyond that, the brand must have a strong point of view and resonate with our team in a genuine way. A lot of times it’s really obvious when we need to bring on a line because the entire team is ooing and ahhing over it.

When I first met Hayley and Whitney, the founders of The Sphinx and the Priestess, I knew they were the real deal. Their line of manifestation candles are founded around the classic principles of alchemical magic, ritual and tarot archetypes. Each candle is created by hand at their Brooklyn coven and synced with the moon phases. All of the candles are imbued with a charged crystal and come with a personal mantra to lead in manifestation. I go through my candle and incense phases, but ever since discovering this line, it’s been hard to go back to basics.

Their four core candles are Death, Pentacles, The Star and The Lovers, each with a different scent profile, color and ritual use. Around the office, you’ll most often find us burning Pentacles, which draws in prosperity and grounding. One of my favorite evening rituals is to light a candle to wind down from the day. At home I’m often drawn to The Lovers which is more strongly scented with citrus, wood and flowering shrubs. This particular candle helps bring forth balance, perception, love, attraction and synthesizing inspired ideas. Embrace your inner witch and get to manifesting!

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