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Erin Starkweather knows what she likes. Our PR Manager and Content Editor (that’s right, she edits our blog, THIS blog, The Thinking CAP!) is never one to settle. Whether she’s hitting a class at The Woom, grabbing lunch at Dimes or meeting with beauty editors at CAP, she turns out perfectly. It’s no wonder we tapped her to launch our new series, THE CAP INSIDER. Here’s Erin and what she’s loving right now:

This time of year does no favors for the state of our hands. The only solution is to have a bottle of something deeply hydrating with you at all times. My pick:  Botanical Hand Cream  by African Botanics. I use it morning, noon and night, keeping one in my desk, one on my nightstand and another in my purse. It’s like a tall drink of water for dehydrated, chapped hands.

Hailing from the bio-diverse floral kingdom of South Africa, this totable cream (in a gorgeous silver tube) honors thousands of years of African beauty ritual and traditional medicinal knowledge that was created to protect skin from the harsh African environment. And it happens to work just as well for the cold winter winds of New York. Wild-harvested botanical oils, butters and moisturizing extracts repair and regenerate skin with immense hydration. Swiss Garden Cress Extract, Alpine Rose Plant Stem Cells, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid raise the bar and make my hands wildly smooth and perfectly protected.

The power of selfcare is in your hands. Apply this restorative cream liberally to hands and cuticles, gently massaging until absorbed. At CAP we love a ritual and self massage encourages a deep love for yourself, your body and your beautiful skin. Massage stimulates circulation and combats stress by increasing endorphin levels and lowering Cortisol. Oxygenate your muscles, boost lymphatic drainage and feel your most radiant. Hard working hands deserve the very best and this cream is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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