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Brittany Cutrone is our Graphic Designer extraordinaire and the brains behind our beautiful designs. Newsletters, blogs, packaging and web design. You name it, she does it. One of the most generous people you will ever meet, she’s always willing to share her tips and tricks. Brittany is our go-to for the best recommendations when it comes to everything from restaurants and bars (seriously, ask her! She knows the best cocktail in town) to her favorite skincare products. Now she’s sharing one of her favorites, the Kypris Glow Philtre Mask.

Before starting at CAP, I was never a beauty girl. I didn’t know much about skincare beyond washing my face, putting on moisturizer and applying sunscreen. Even now, my coworkers laugh when I ask what a serum is. I like to keep my routine as simple as possible. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, so I never need a serious cleanser at the end of the day. I keep it streamlined with the Julisis Gold Wash, and the Tata Harper Reparative Moisturizer morning and night. But the true hero of my routine is the Kypris Glow Philtre Mask.

Masking is an addition to my routine that I can get down with. Taking time every night for self care has become really important to me. I feel so much better after a long day if I take five minutes to apply this mask while finishing up some design work, or catching an episode of Mr. Robot. This mask particularly came in handy when I took a weekend trip to Fort Lauderdale for my Mom’s birthday. After a few too many drinks on the beach, and too long spent in the ocean, I got burned. Badly! The sea fennel stem cells and algae in this mask, along with ultra hydrating silver ear mushroom helped soothe my skin quick. My burn healed fast, but I continue to reach for this mask again and again. It’s become my go-to for glowy, hydrated skin.


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