The CAP Insider: Avva


Avva Babaeean shines bright within the CAP Beauty crew. Next time you're in LA, stop by our West Hollywood store to say hi and get a recommendation from this natural beauty. A natural beauty devotee, Avva loves to share her findings (like this one from Bodha!).

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good mist. Whether at home, at CAP, or driving around the sunny streets of LA, I’ve been known to spritz at a frequency that others may deem excessive. Spray bottles of various hydrosols, from the simplest rosewater to the most luxurious blends, have taken over my bathroom, my bedside, my bag and even my car! Before diving into the magical world of naturals, I thought hydrosols were pointless, why would I spray what was essentially water onto my face or space? Little did I know that these botanical beauties would become an instant, transformative ritual of scent and self care that I now can’t live without. I love to bring the power of plants and flowers with me everywhere I go, and the mini-ritual of misting a hydrosol leaves my skin dewy and my space refreshed.

These days, I find myself reaching for Bodha’s Calm Ritual Spray. This lovely hydrosol from the artists of scent as ceremony at Bodha uses active, botanical lavender water and Bodha’s Calm Ritual Oil blend of wild geranium, lavender, and California sage essential oils. It’s the perfect mist to calm, hydrate and ground myself and my surroundings. A gorgeous scent encased in an equally gorgeous bottle, I love to grab this gem from Bodha for a mid-day pick-me-up, a pre-bed mist on my pillow, or a clearing spritz around my home. A little moment of lavender love to refresh and reconnect.

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