We have a regular morning tradition at the office when we catch up on our new obsessions, which often include restaurants, shops, exercise studios and treatment spaces. I always look forward to hearing everyone’s new favorites. While brainstorming story ideas for The Thinking CAP we realized we should share these NYC gems with our CAP Beauty family. For our favorite restaurants and markets, check out Part 1 here.


Jivamukti If you are in need of a spiritual awakening, Jivamukti is your studio. Most classes begin and end with Sanskrit chanting, and each month has a specific and relevant spiritual focus. We love Jay’s Wednesday morning Spiritual Warrior class for measured breathing and their 90 minute classes will challenge you in the best way possible.

Current  The name says it all. White-washed studio, minimalist modern decor, and low-impact rowing to upbeat tunes. It will be you and ten other girls in the latest OV gear. Forget any other rowing class you’ve been too.

YMCA  An oldie but goodie! The Y has been around for 160 years, and you really can’t beat their inclusive, community driven mission to bring health and fitness to all neighborhoods. I am super into the Sunday morning yoga class at the Bedford-Stuyvesant Y and you’ll often catch Cindy running around the track at the McBurney location.

Sky Ting  It’s no secret that all of us at CAP are huge fans of Chloe and Krissy and their beloved (and beautiful) studios. Many Sky Ting classes pull from Katonah, Taoist, Hatha and Vinyasa traditions and they typically integrate meditation and breathing practices into each class. What’s more, their classes are approachable and fun. They host loads of special classes and workshops and attending one of their yoga retreats is a major goal (Majorca, please!).

Taryn Toomey  It’s kind of hard to explain Taryn Toomey’s The Class to someone who has never experienced it. Kerrilynn is a huge proponent of The Class, which pushes you to your physical and mental limits in a studio lined with crystals and laced with it’s own bespoke scent. If you haven’t tried it, you are in for a ground-breaking (and ground-shaking) experience.

New York Pilates New York Pilates is now a weekly mainstay in many of our routines. Their clean, light-filled spaces drip with plants and good vibes. I love how hands-on the teachers are, providing personal tips and guidance throughout each class. Their method effectively works your core while providing deep full body strength training. You’ll be shocked at how sore you feel the next day!

Kula Yoga You’ll spot all of your favorite yoga teachers from around town practicing next to you at Kula. The studio isn’t fancy but the classes are deep, classic yoga at its best. With studios in Manhattan and Brooklyn alike, it’s convenient to boot.

ModelFit  You may think that lifting a tiny two pound weight is easy, until you attend a Model Fit class. Their classes are no joke. Erin raves about their serious sculpting and toning abilities. We love that all of their trainers are certified through The Gray Institute, which includes extensive training in anatomy and physiology. If you hail from LA, don’t miss Lily’s class at their CA studio.

Woom Center  Taking a class at Woom is like doing acid without the drugs. In all seriousness though, Woom is one of the most immersive experiences we’ve ever had. They’ve created truly multi-sensory yoga and meditation classes, based on the therapeutic properties of sound vibration. We highly recommend the Woom Yoga Experience which includes sound therapy, blindfolds and aromatherapy. After class, order the elixir of the day and a quinoa lentil kofta at their high-vibe plant-based café.


Aire Ancient Baths  Had a super stressful week? Book yourself an afternoon at Aire and the week will fall away. Housed in a beautiful and historic Tribeca building, the baths are inspired by ancient Greek and Roman bathing traditions. Drift to each of the warm baths, the sauna and the floatarium and sip on juices from Butcher’s Daughter.

Gil Jacobs Often called the Godfather of colonics, Gil is revered in the world of detox and colonics and is also just a bit mysterious. His previous practice Vibrant Sea is now closed, but you can still find him elusively practicing out of the East Village. Gil is your go-to guy if you want to delve deep into the world of detox, raw food and colonics. To book an appointment, call him at 347-933-3590.

MNDFL MNDFL is bringing meditation and self-care to the masses through their thoughtful, beautiful spaces around town (you’ve probably seen their gorgeous living green wall on Instagram). We love that they offer thematic classes, so you can choose what area you need or want to focus on that day. We’ve done team sessions focused on setting intentions and often walk over for a breath session when we need a little time out. If you want a truly immersive experience, we highly recommend a sound bath with Sara or Nate.

Dana James Food Coach NYC  We feel lucky to have Dana in our corner. Several of us work on the reg with Dana, and have seen tremendous results. She takes the time to get to know you, your history and your habits, and then works with you to craft a specific diet, exercise and supplement plan. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with all of the different diets, supplements and wellness trends, Dana is a great resource to help you make informed and personal choices.

Doody Free Girl Jen Gonzalez is something special. She brings humor, knowledge (she was trained by Gil Jacobs) and so many good puns to her holistic colonic therapy practice. Her space is welcoming and comfortable, and she really makes the whole process go smoothly ( ☺ ). We love her blog for the inside scoop on all things detox and colonics.

Parsley Health  Dr. Robin Berzin and her team are shaking up the field of health care, bringing functional medicine to the forefront and to the masses… or at least to a much wider audience. Their team of doctors and health coaches work to address the root cause of disease by taking a holistic view of health (this is not an office where you will wait an hour, talk to the doctor for 5 minutes and leave with a prescription). Their team takes the time to learn about your personal history, lifestyle and genetics and then utilizes cutting edge technology and testing to create a tailored regimen. The practice is growing quickly, now with locations in NYC, LA and San Francisco. This doctor is in.

Take Care  Tess Adams of Take Care in the West Village specializes in holistic skincare through her ultra-effective microcurrent facials. Microcurrent treatments pair amazingly well with CAP’s massage heavy facials. Tess is a wealth of knowledge and we love that we are neighbors!

Lift  Our prediction for the next big thing in wellness? Floating. Even The New England Patriots recently installed a floating pod in their training room(!). We haven’t been able to check out this Brooklyn space yet, but we can’t stop talking about it. The baths are filled with 1000 pounds of Epsom salts, which do the work for you. Floating boasts a number of benefits from the physical to the spiritual to the intellectual. This one blew our minds: floating has been shown to help even novice participants experience extended periods of Theta brainwave activity, normally available only to advanced students of meditation. We’re sold.

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