The CAPsule: Bathing Rituals

There are a myriad of ways to engage with the art of bathing so we turned to our water loving friends to share their thoughts on this simple yet profound act. While some of them consider it a spiritual experience, others set out to reinvent the category and some rely on the ritual to support and maintain their physical and mental health. Wherever you land, let these water loving leaders lead you to your experience and embrace the power of immersion.

What is your favorite bathing ritual?

"Before an at home bath, my favorite ritual is to gather a bunch of flowers from my garden. Since we’re based in California, we’re lucky to have blooms year around, and having a nice riot of flowers keeps me company while I soak. It connects me to the natural world, its beauty, fragility, and how freaking inspiring it is. More often than not I’ll also get a bit dirty while collecting flowers, and the best bathing always comes after getting good and dirty.

On a more practical level, my ritual includes a quick rinse before I soak. I’ve always been vaguely aware that this was a good idea (I grew up as a swimmer and most pools require it), but it wasn’t until I started traveling the world seeking out bathing experiences that I came to realize how important and transformational a quick rinse can be. Getting clean before you soak all but ensures your bath will be a restorative, and perhaps even a transformational, experience instead of being just a utility."

- Tim, Co-founder of Bathing Culture


"I love the idea that baths can both be an essential part of a daily routine and also an extravagant specialized experience. My favorite bathing ritual is an early evening bath that engages as many of the senses as possible. I fill up the bath and I won't touch the water until I'm ready to get in to really enjoy the moment of submersion - this is one of the benefits of taking so many baths, I know the exact proportion of water so it's the right temperature! Fragrance is also important so I enjoy the inviting lavender scent of Bath Drops when it envelopes the bathroom in a soothing spa like fragrance.  I'll also pour out a little snack for the side of my tub as well as having some cold water for the contrast to the hot water. And lastly I'll pull up a good book on my kindle to read. None of these steps is fancy but combined make a soothing ritual that can be done at any time."

- Lillian, Co-founder of Fur 


"Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath is a must have. He taught us that there are four stages of nutrition: ingestion, digestion, assimilation and elimination and of these four, elimination is the most important. 'No elimination …. no assimilation.' The SKIN is our largest organ of elimination.

Early springtime cleansing comes naturally as a simple ritual. As the Winter’s darkness and over-indulgencies recede it is time to do everything we can to clear the clutter both inside and out. The hot bath followed by a cold shower is most effective."

- Anna, Director at Dr. Sigha 

What inspired you to create this product?

"We were inspired to create the Big Dipper Mineral Bath by a Hot Spring just north of San Francisco. We wanted people to be able to bring that experience home, so we created a formula that has all of the best parts of the Hot Springs, hundreds of minerals, and an enchanting scent that evokes a redwood grove, without having to go to one of these often hard to get to spots.

In the age of social media, being able to connect to these places without necessarily visiting them also helps to relieve additional pressure on the scarce resource. Once practically unknown, bathing spots have become major destinations. It’s awesome, but it’s also been too much for many of the spots to handle. The Big Dipper Mineral Bath allows us to share that experience and connect with these amazing places without loving them to death. "

- Tim, Co-founder of Bathing Culture


"When we first started dreaming up this product, we looked to bath rituals from the past as inspiration. If you remember the bath beads from the 90s, they were an incredibly relaxing experience, but in today’s beauty landscape they don’t hold up to our vegan, clean ingredient standards. We knew the natural next step as a brand was focusing on the bath, as an extension of the Fur ethos of self-care and ritual. We decided to create Bath Drops to bring back a familiar and soothing feeling, while elevating it to be in line with our modern day standards."

- Lillian, Co-founder of Fur 


"Dr. Singha created his Mustard Bath many years ago in England to assist his multitude of clients and friends to reclaim their health by enjoyably soaking away life’s excesses and stresses. At the same time he taught the essentials of Food as Medicine. He made delicious, healthy and unforgettable food for everyone wherever he traveled throughout the world.

His powerful yet simple and loving teachings inspired a group of us to create this popular product and introduce it into the US in 1990."

- Anna, Director at Dr. Sigha 


What are some of the benefits? 

"The power of a bath cannot be underestimated. There is a reason why after bathing, you feel so good. Fundamentally baths create the perfect conditions for our bodies and minds to repair and revitalize themselves. 

Physically, baths reduce inflammation and tension and ease aches and pains. Research shows that baths lower blood pressure and increase circulation and blood flow, which is great for keeping your heart and skin healthy. Warm baths can also help you fight flu symptoms and sinus infections. Increased circulation and steam opens up sinuses, breaks up mucus and clears your breathing. 

Antidepressants! Prolonged warm baths can actually fight certain types of depression. New research (The New Mind-Body Science of Depression) shows that depression can stem from chronic inflammation. By increasing the body’s temperature, it can trigger an anti-inflammatory response and help relieve those effects. Another study found that participants experienced feelings of safety and tranquilly while floating, a direct link to the feeling of being back in a mother’s womb."

- Tim, Co-founder of Bathing Culture 


"Whereas bath beads of the 90s used animal-sourced gelatin to encase the product inside, Bath Drops are 100% vegan and contain our signature Fur Oil formula, along with additional softening ingredients. They’re gynecologically and dermatologically tested, so a Bath Drop soak will not only be relaxing, but it’ll also soften your skin and hair. Essentially, Bath Drops turn a normal soak into an ingrown-preventing, skin and hair strengthening treatment."

- Lillian Tung, Co-founder of Fur 


"Relaxation and caring time to be with oneself as we let go deeply in the comfort of our own homes is very important, especially during these stressful times. The hot water and the mustard assist in bringing the rosy glow of increased circulation and a little sweating while the alkaline bath water helps to flush away impurities and relax tensions. Aromatic and therapeutic essential oils assist deep breathing and penetrate the skin contributing to a generally euphoric feeling of well being and a healthy glow."

- Anna, Director at Dr. Sigha 



Describe your best bathing experience. 

"There are so many! Before shit hit the fan in 2020, Spencer (the cofounder of Bathing Culture) helped throw a party on a ranch in Northern California. Our contribution was a hot tub made from an old feed trough. He heated the water by running copper tubes through a campfire. The tub was nestled under a stand of oak trees, but with a view of the stars. Some other friends put a sauna on a trailer and pulled up beside the hot tub. We spent the night listening to live music and swapping between the hot tub and the sauna. In the depth of the night Spencer found a hose fed by an icy creek and we all doused ourselves in the 'Wim Hof hose off,' shrieking with the pure joy of being alive."

- Tim, Co-founder of Bathing Culture 


"One of the most memorable bath experiences was actually right after a Fur launch event where we had the most beautiful bathroom set up along with a stunning view of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline (Thank you to the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge).  I got to soak in a beautiful stone carved soaking tub while overlooking the skyline. We had worked really hard all day and getting to enjoy that moment surrounded by Fur products, in the city I love was incredibly special."

- Lillian, Co-founder of Fur 

"The best bathing experience I give myself at home and when I travel is one where I create a meditative setting around my bathtub. I include maybe a candle, soft music and a glass of mineral water to prevent dehydration. I keep the water comfortably hot for the 20 minute soak and breathe deep taking the time to love my body and let go. Then I take a good cold shower all over helping to send the refreshed energies from my skin to my core. Then a vigorous towel dry and into bed to allow the benefits to permeate every cell of my body and being."

- Anna, Director at Dr. Sigha 

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