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Naturals are the new wave.

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Diamond Dusted


Tata Harper was raised in Colombia where beauty is serious business. So when she set out to create a natural range, compromise was not an option. Her mission was to create a truly natural and toxin-free line that could go head to head with the big boys. That she did, and so much more. Serious skin care, seriously clean. Tata’s set the standard for naturals. 


Leave it to Tata, the reigning master of decadent naturals,  to deliver this skin perfecting cream, laced with (what else?!) diamond dust to refract light and deliver flawless luminosity. And while you're busy looking perfect, Tata's active formula gets to work to heal and nourish. A complex of minerals tone the skin while heroic hyaluronic acid (one of our all time favorite ingredients) plump the skin and helps us retain moisture for hydration without the heaviness. The road to radiance is paved with diamonds. All hail the queen.



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