Spring Equinox Ceremony



“When we observe a flower with the eyes of spirit we cannot help experiencing it like our own soul when it cherishes the tenderest desires. Only look at a spring flower – a breath of longing, the embodiment of a wish. And something wonderful streams forth over the world of flowers that surrounds us if only our soul perception is delicate enough to perceive it,” wrote Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy in his book Spiritual Ecology.

For the past few years on the Spring Equinox I have visited a place in nature I love, a beautiful cove of sand and sea. I would visit during sunset and connect with the Spirit of the land, the ancestors and the elementals. I would walk the land and leave offerings in many places. This year my soul influenced me to step into deeper communion with the forces of nature during this sacred time of transition. As a way to support my essence within, I entered into a shamanic journey where this ceremony was presented to me as a gift and an offering to share with fellow human beings. The symbol of the ceremony is a delicate bundle of spring flowers glowing like a golden Sun, Ninasisa in Quechua, meaning “fire flower”. On the Spring Equinox – Sunday, March 20, 2016 at 12:30 am EST, the Sun will cross through the celestial equator and we celebrate the beginning of Spring. As human beings we experience balance where day and night are equal in length. As we perceive this outer expression of balance and harmony in the natural world, we are intuitively guided to bring the balance of light and shadow within ourselves.

In this healing ceremony our intent is to align our etheric body, the subtle body that gives life to our physical body, with the etheric body of Mother Earth. To do this we use the support of the masculine Fire element of the Sun to bring light energy into our body. Then we use the support of the feminine Earth element of the flower to cleanse heavy energy from our body. In this way, our etheric body becomes a reflection of the Universe. As Steiner once explained, “In the etheric body there is constant movement that is a reflection of the changing constellations during the human life on Earth. The etheric body configures itself even in relation to the changes in the heavens of day and night – that is, to the motion of the movement of the Sun.” So let’s come together, taking a moment of stillness to connect with the changing of seasons in the natural world and honor our inner configuration through the art of ceremony.


– 3 to 5 spring flowers

– 1 piece of sweet fruit

– Sacred offerings of cornmeal, tobacco or dried flower petals

Small dish for offerings

– Spring water

– Small glass vessel for water

Palo Santo, or incense

– 1 piece of cotton string, or wildgrass

– Knife, or scissors


Opening Space | Begin by choosing a place in nature or a quiet space in your home. Arrange all of the elements you collected on a cloth or textile. Place your sacred offering of choice into a small dish, pour some of the spring water into your glass vessel and bring fire to your Palo Santo, using its sacred smoke to circle your space.

Flower Bundle | Start creating your flower bundle which is essentially a little bouquet. Select a few blossoms of various colors and scents and trim their stem so it is a few inches long. Then carefully tie the flowers together with your cotton string or a piece of wildgrass in nature.

Offerings | I love to keep offerings with me at all times in a tiny leather pouch. Right now it is full of Andean tobacco but I often rotate this with cornmeal and dried flower petals. Choose one offering that you feel a connection with. Begin by walking the land and leave your offerings with the intent that you are giving love and opening yourself to connect with the Spirit of the land, the elementals and the ancestors. If you are in your home, simply close your eyes and imagine yourself doing this in a place of nature you love. As you do this place a pinch of offerings on your cloth.

Heart | As you share your offerings begin to take a few deep breaths, smelling the air and allowing it to move through your body, as it opens and softens. At this moment we are traveling down from our mind and into our heart. This is a time when I love to use sound. I often find myself naturally toning or singing a mantra, sometimes I will bring my rattle or drum. Flow with this until you feel your heart in an expanded state and then continue on.

Fire Element | Gently hold the glass vessel with water and imagining the Sun above you, ask him to infuse your water with light. For a few moments envision the Suns rays streaming into the water. Then slowly sip the water, imagining the filaments of light entering your body and touching all of your cells.

Earth Element | Gently pick up your flower bundle with both hands and ask the flowers to support you in cleansing any heavy energy from your body. Begin at the top of your head, using the bundle as a brush and with sweeping motions working your way down until you reach the soles of your feet. Take as much time as you need and be sure to concentrate on any areas of your body that feel congested. During this cleansing you may begin to feel shifts in your physical body right away – such as a yawn, twitch, hiccup or burp. We welcome these movements as it is an outer sign showing us that energy is moving.

Closing Space | You will know intuitively when you are finished and at this moment you may place your bundle on the Earth. Giving gratitude to Pachamama, our Cosmic Mother, who will absorb your heavy energy and transmute it into light. If you are inside your home, place your flower bundle on your cloth where it will rest until you can place it somewhere in nature. At this time you may close by sharing any prayers you have for the healing of the Earth.

Notes | Please keep in mind there is no right or wrong way to create ceremony. The focus is not on your physical movements during ceremony but the understanding that energy moves based on your hearts intent. It is what cannot be seen with our eyes that is the true ceremony. Use your intuition and layer on any elements that carry personal meaning for you. After your closing, it is thoughtful to nourish your physical body with grounding foods of the Earth, plenty of spring water and perhaps a self-massage with healing oils or a sea salt soak in the ocean or bath.

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