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We love nothing more than when our love for beautiful objects extend beyond image and embrace functionality. Better sleep? Better mood? Deeper relaxation? The Vitruvi Diffuser compliments every daily ritual.

Crafted from the highest quality porcelain, these beautiful pieces were created to help diffuse essential oils into your environment. Add up to 8 drops of your favorite scent, and let the good vibes flow for up to 6 hours. Embrace the scent, taking time to reclaim yourself, and your space. As Kerrilynn and Cindy would say, “love yourself by loving your environment”.

We always keep our arsenal stocked with a few of our essential oil favorites.

For Meditation: Take advantage of Rosemary’s powerful grounding properties, allowing yourself to hone in your focus during your meditative practice.

For Early Mornings: Inhaling Peppermint is a tried and true tool for giving the body and mind an energizing boost to start the day.

For Workouts: Lemon contains citral, which supports the production of heat in the body, particularly useful for keeping up energy and endurance during physical activity.

For Sleep: One of the more well recognized essential oils (for good reason) Lavender is prized for  its calming and relaxing capabilities.

For Creativity: Try Sweet Orange  to stimulate the mind. Its citrus notes are known to activate the right side of the brain, the control center for creativity.

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