Flip the script. Ditch the list you write every year. Simplify and distill these never-ending goals into one word you want to embody. Let it be your North Star. We realize that this shirks the conventional advice to get specific with your resolutions. But, we’ve found these overarching themes to be vastly more powerful and catalyzing. When life becomes busy and your mind becomes cluttered, having one word to reference brings clarity and peace. Decisions become easier and more in line with your values. And, remember, it’s the little things we do each day that create true change.

Pick a word that resonates with you, and watch how elegantly it applies to every area of your life. When we first started this practice, this surprised us. A seemingly vague concept like “spacious” became a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual touchstone. From Pigeon pose to a complex spreadsheet to a charged conversation with a lover, this word offers guidance and direction. Don’t overthink this. The word you’re drawn to is your word. Make it yours.

Pick your word then reach for the power of ritual or a few good rocks to guide you. 

Crystals for Moving Forward 

These are the stones we keep on hand to propel ourselves forward, to activate change, and get things done.

Smoky quartz: This moody stone clears the way for positive thoughts, propelling you toward your goals.

Labradorite: This mystical beauty cleanses your aura to prime you for making magic.

Pyrite: This architectural gem encourages the completion of projects and acts as a cheerleader seeing you through to the finish.

Citrine: Ethereal and bright, citrine brings joy and magnifies your energy and power.

Black Tourmaline: Stress takes a hit from this black beauty. Block negative energy and support your adrenals.

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