Radical Rituals


Radical self care is such a big part of our day to day life, and we love nothing more than hearing how our friends, acquaintances  and loved ones take care of themselves. We love to share, so we asked 18 women we admire to tell us how they love themselves.

What is your one non-negotiable self care practice?


Robin Berzin, Founder of Parsley Health

“For me, yoga is my non-negotiable practice. Whether it’s going to a class or throwing my mat down on the floor in front of my bed, it’s my time to shut out the world, check in with my body and center my mind. If I’m not feeling well, I know it’s my fail safe tool to feel better.”


Eva Alt, Social Media Editor at Glossier

“Dance. If I’m not taking class regularly or going out and dancing socially, I lose touch with myself. It’s my most natural form of expression, so I need dance in my life to have clarity in all the other areas of my life.”


Emily Dougherty, Beauty Director at ELLE

“Mine would be taking a bath every night with my 19-month old. We have so much fun splish-splashing around!”


Laney Crowell, Founder of Saie Beauty

“Washing and moisturizing my face before bed. French women say that you should never wash your face in the morning, so I probably only wash my face every other morning. But, I always, no matter what, regardless of how late it is, I wash my face with a gentle cleanser and moisturize with at least one serum or moisturizer (ideally Vintner’s Daughter as I swear the botanicals help me sleep better).”


Chloe Kernaghan, Co-Founder of Sky Ting Yoga

“My non-negotiable is my evening face cleansing ritual: In Fiore’s oil cleanser, a light face steam and washcloth rub, followed by an oil moisturizer. It has changed the texture of my skin, and helps me unwind from my busy days before sleep.”


Bunni Nishimura, Co-Founder of ZenBunni

“My one non-negotiable self care practice is connecting to Mother Nature. Spending just a few moments outside with my feet on the earth, head in the clouds, and breathing into the infinite.”


Kayla Jacobs, Beauty and Style Editor of MindBodyGreen

“My non-negotiable self-care practice is 5 mins a day playing with aromatherapy oils (loving Stillpoint Aromatics at moment) and anointing myself with their potent floral and plant healing vibes! Geranium, bergamot and lavender on hair and body in a bit of grapeseed oil is magic!”


Nitsa Citrine, Creative Director of Sun Potion

“Voyaging into inner space and quiet.”


Daphne Javitch, Founder of DoingWell

“Exercise! If I’m away from my routine or short on time, I freestyle dance to an embarrassing Pandora station for 10-20 minutes. We’re made to move.”


Camilla Engstrom, Artist

“My non-negotiable self care practice is 8 hours of sleep. I’ve learned that I need to go to bed by 10 and wake up at 6 am to feel happy and rested.”


Rachael Wang, Stylist and Fashion Director at Allure

“To me, nourishing the body and spirit from the inside out is the ultimate in self care. I do it by eating a vibrant plant based diet.”


Jenelle Manzi, Professional Ballerina and Baker

“Even if it means getting a bit less sleep, I have found that waking up early to give myself time in the morning to enjoy a cup of tea while reading something inspiring or writing down my thoughts allows me to feel centered and present for the day. Having those moments purely to myself really helps me deal with the busy non-stop lifestyle that we are so accustomed to here in New York. For me, its crucial that I make time for this little act of self love.”


Tonya Papanikolov, Founder of The Well Woman and Rainbo Mushrooms

Tongue scraping! This ancient Ayurvedic practice improves digestion, strengthens immunity and is more effective at removing toxins and bacteria from the mouth than a toothbrush. It also exposes your tastebuds to allow for greater enjoyment of food.”


Cassie Griffin, Ceramicist and Founder of WALTER

“My self practice is drinking a pint of lemon water first thing when I wake up! Filtered by WALTER of course.”


Lily Kunin, Founder of Clean Food Dirty City and Author of Good Clean Food

“A couple nights a week, I run a bath and add Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath or straight up magnesium chloride flakes. I often apply a healing honey face mask while soaking. The heat helps to activate the healing properties of the mask. After I feel the day completely melt away, I get into a cozy pajama set and drift off into a deep sleep. The ultimate self care practice.”


Romy Northover, Ceramicist

“8 hours of sleep is without a doubt the most important, along with water. Sleep, drinking and bathing or swimming stabilizes me like nothing else.”


Jimena Garcia, Brow Artist

“My non-negotiable self care practice that has helped me check-out and sit still is what the Japanese call “ashiyu” which means foot bath. Incorporating this practice, that I do about more than 3 times a week, has created a meditative ritual and fun process to play with my oils, herbs and crystals. In a basin, I place my crystals, hot water, a big spoon of epson salt and then add some essential oils and sometimes I even add herbs. I soak for about 20 or 30 minutes, after I remove my feet from the basin, I spray some rose water and massage my feet, I love to use Jasmine Superior Baume by In Fiore. Foot Baths warm the whole body and draw out toxins through the soles of the feet, or so all the ancient traditions say AND of course I brush my brows every night before I go to bed!”


Krissy Jones, Co-Founder of Sky Ting Yoga

“Acupuncture once a week! Since I’ve been going to acupuncture, my hormones have been much more balanced, and I don’t get sick as often as I used to. It’s a great way to learn how your body handles everything that’s going on in your life and chart your personal shifts and changes.”


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