Preparing for Baby: Carson Meyer

As a certified doula, nutrition consultant and the founder of C & The Moon, Carson Meyer is the one we turn to for all things pregnancy, postpartum and birth. Now pregnant herself for the very first time herself (congrats!), Carson shares her first-hand experience along with the hard-won knowledge that comes from supporting so many amazing woman over the years. Entering her third trimester now, she offers up the rituals, food, skincare and practices she’s been leaning into heavily these days. Her advice is empowering and compassionate, as she recognizes each woman's journey will be different from the next. Read on to discover her tips for preparing for a beautiful birth and welcome the journey.


What if anything have you shifted skincare wise during your pregnancy?

I am diligent about moisturizing my breasts, hips and belly after bathing. Other than that, not much! I also stopped using the sauna, which I miss and consider an important part of my usual skincare routine. 



What topical ingredients have you been avoiding or purposefully including during pregnancy?

I am always very conscious about the products I use on my skin. Even when I am not pregnant. I am strictly a clean beauty gal.


What's tricky about pregnancy is that not all clean beauty products are considered pregnancy safe. For example, there are a lot of essential oils that are contraindicated in pregnancy and a lot that we just don't have enough information and research around to recommend confidently. I do use some products with diluted EOs but not many. I have always been a skincare minimalist, but the "less is more" motto has really spoken to me during my pregnancy. I have been keeping it simple with my own line of C & The Moon products as well as a few other brands I trust.


Any skincare rituals you are loving and recommend for pregnancy?

I like to bring my C & The Moon oil to my bedside and give myself a belly massage while lying down. I use the hydrating oil application as an opportunity to tune in and connect with baby. I love knowing the baby can feel my touch and responds with little kicks. Nothing better!

I have also turned to Lisa Levitt Gainsley's Book of Lymph to ease breast pain with massage.  



What are your favorite pregnancy safe skincare products from CAP? 

C & The Moon 


RMS Beauty

Living Libations 



Is there anything you're doing physically to prepare your body for birth?

Walking, stretching daily, lots of massages, craniosacral therapy and belly dancing. 


What has your diet been like during your pregnancy?

I am a serious foodie and I am so passionate about good nutrition for pregnancy health. I actually a became certified as a prenatal Nutrition Consultant recently which has helped shape my own eating habits as well as given me even more tools to support my clients.


I eat a ton of high quality animal protein and healthy fats. Fortunately, I haven't had any food aversions and have a really adventurous palate. Liver and Salmon Roe have been some of my favorite pregnancy foods. I have to admit, I am spoiled by my man who loves to cook and makes really yummy homemade meals every day. My diet would be shit without him. 



What has nesting looked like for you?

I feel like I have been nesting since day one! Planting my spring garden was one of my first and favorite ways of nesting at our new home. There is something so symbolic and meaningful to me in the process of gardening while pregnant. Growing life alongside Mother Earth. Watching seeds turn to food that directly contributes to the life growing within me. 



How have you prepared your home for baby?

I really believe that there is so much unnecessary waste and expenses created in this time. Consumer culture preys off of the excitement and nervousness of new parents and convinces us we need to purchase our way into preparedness. I always tell my clients that money is much better spent on support than on the latest gadget or nursery decor.


We actually decided not to set up a nursery and to forgo a crib altogether. Since the baby will sleep with us for the time being we just made some minor changes in our bedroom to accommodate the baby's needs which is ultimately more convenient for us than having to walk to another room in the house. I bought an adorable Moses basket and rocking stand from Design Dua. I also purchased a Natropedic diaper changing pad for the top of our dresser. I got a wicker hamper to put our reusable baby diapers in from Essembly and set up a little basket of handy bedside nursing tools such as Silverettes and The Hakka. We were gifted a rocking chair from grandma, which will also go in our bedroom, and I am sure l will be using that quite a bit in the early days. 


What are your favorite products to have and use around the house as you prepare for baby?

Clean cleaning products are a must at all stages of life, but especially important while pregnant. There are studies that link chemical cleaning product use in pregnancy to childhood asthma. I love Branch Basics, Grove & Co and Koala Eco.  


What is a home birth and why do you recommend it?

As a birth doula I have supported many births at home and in the hospital. Some women feel safer in the hospital and I always say, wherever you feel best is where you should give birth! No one way is right for everyone. Having the unique opportunity to witness so many births in different settings has given me a very clear understanding of what is important to me and how I can best promote a healthy birth for me and my baby. Birthing at home under the care of a midwife means getting to call the shots in the comfort of your own home surrounded by ones you trust, have a personal bond with and will support your wishes. I don't view pregnancy and birth as an illness or medical emergency, I see it as a sacred life event. I want to birth the baby where we made the baby and utilize medical intervention only if an issue were to arise. It can be challenging to navigate hospital policy and practices that are not supported by evidence and can actually cause more harm than good in healthy pregnancies. I wrote an article here for The Fullest that goes more into detail about the benefits of home birth. 



How are you preparing for a home birth?

Moving my body, slowing the mind, Hypnobirthing classes with Nena Philan, preparing my partner (making him watch loads of home birth videos!), building relationships and trust with my midwives and hiring a postpartum doula to support us after birth. 



What is your home birth plan? Food and all other practices and rituals?

I plan to have healthy nourishing foods and beverages on hand. I got unscented beeswax candles to surround my birth altar. My midwife, doula and girlfriends made me a birth blessing necklace with beads infused with prayers that I plan to wear.  I will have a tub, good playlists and lots of puppy cuddles. Most importantly, support from two incredible midwives! 





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