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Animals make life better. It’s as simple as that. Borrow one, adopt one, cuddle with one, or volunteer at your local shelter. Studies show that spending time with these loyal friends can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and increase happiness.  Consider rescuing your next best friend. That dog or cat (or donkey or horse!) might just rescue you. 

The Sato Project is a rescue organization that is dear to Kerrilynn’s heart. She and her husband, John, were one of the first families to adopt one of their Puerto Rican strays. Beba is now the resident office dog and a spreader of light, even though she can come across a little grumpy. After Beba, they took in another Sato, the 4-pound Ricardo that they call Ricky. Watching his transformation from a scared, and sometimes even aggressive, dog to a relaxed and loving family pet has been enlightening. Ricky and Beba are here to remind us to stay in the present. Love is a powerful and transformative thing.

Inviting an animal into your home can be a bit of an adjustment for you and your new roommate. We've got a few tools for a little extra support. 


Anoint your four-legged loved ones with this dog mist made from the Essential Oil of Japan’s 300-year-old Aomori Hiba Trees. Cedar-like, woodsy and laced with citrus and cider, the scent uplifts while antimicrobial, deodorizing, insect-repellent and germicidal properties comfort and protect. This mist is a natural wonder and a love song to your pup.


Emergencies, trauma, travel and anxious pups are no match for Alexis Smart’s First Aid Kit for Kids. Furry-friendlyvegetable glycerin is infused with the goodness of Clematis, Cherry Plum, Crab Apple, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem flower essences offering a fast acting way to calm any problem. Kerrilynn swears by Alexis's remedies for helping relieve some of Ricardo's anxiety and aggression.


Botanical oils and butters, plant glycerin and aloe vera come together to make this soap gentle enough for your pet. Plus, the wild harvested essential oils help to repel insects like fleas and mosquitoes.


We learned this one from one of our frequent visitors at our store. She uses Lauren's to coat her dogs chapped paw pads and swears by the results! The simplest of organic ingredients, each chosen for its healing and protective ways. With antifungal coconut oil and burdock root to encourage healthy bacteria, this will bring your pet's skin to balance. 

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