Start spreading the news... ONLY IN NEW YORK, these fresh CAP Beauty finds can be picked up exclusively in-store. Come for the goods, stay for a treatment. Our clubhouse is open to all. So step inside and come alive.


An acronym for Ocean, Sun, Earth and Atmosphere, each OSEA product thoroughly embodies these elements. Garnering inspiration from nature, OSEA uses certified organic ingredients, bioavailable seaweed and steam-distilled, cold-pressed essential oils to innovate powerful and nourishing solutions for the skin. 

We have: Ocean Cleanser, Hylauronic Sea Serum, Atmosphere Protection Creme, Blemish Balm and the Anti-aging Body Balm


Founded by three artistic sisters inspired by the magic of naturals, Rituel De Fille is a ceremonial love song to nature. Ignited by the power of pigment Rituel De Fille approaches the making of make-up like potion-making: exacting formulas that are free from extraneous ingredients with high levels of color saturation and elegant formulas. Find a selection of their products in-store now.


Led by the brilliant herbalist and artist, Abbe Findley, Zizia’s formulations fly to us from Los Angeles. Focused on teaching and empowering the individual to incorporate plant medicine into their every day, Zizia’s formulations are dynamic, yet accessible.

Find the Relax Tincture, Mushroom Mesquite and Burdock Dandelion in-store now. 


An amalgamation of interests coalesced to create this line of organic products that draw inspiration from alternative healing, luxury and perfumery. Using scent as meditation, Sangre De Fruta’s line encourages olfactory engagement to delight the skin and hair. 

In the shop now: Botanical Shampoo, Botanical Conditioner, Neroli Forever Body Cream and Rose No. 1 Body Cream


We’ve been devoted fans of Agent Nateur’s deodorants for years and are happy to now share more of their skincare. Pearl and Rose Hylauronic Toner for the face and Ageless Body Serum for everywhere else. 

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