The power of nature comes to life in these superfood powders and medicinal teas. Sourced from pristine Nordic lands, these superfoods pack superpowers. Make them a habit and fly to new heights.

These powerful blends were inspired by Finnish nature, with the intent to bring the purest nutrition Finland has to offer to people all around the world. We couldn’t wait to get these pretty tins on our shelves, and our four favorite blends are a mainstay in our kitchen.

Lingonberry Powder: This raw and tangy (super!) powder is sourced from the forests of Finland and is packed with high concentrations of bioactive Vitamin E, Fiber, Manganese and Resveratrol and is also known to fight inflammation. Similar in taste to cranberries, we love it mixed into chia pudding, added to smoothies or used as a natural alternative to red food coloring.

Bilberry Powder: Like Lingonberry, Bilberry is also sourced from the forests of Finland to beautify and fortify the body. Containing high concentrations of antioxidants that protect the skin from cell damage and help clear intestinal toxins, this powerful powder improves circulation, boosts memory, brain function and assists healthy digestion. Our own Katie Hughes loves to add it to baked goods for an upleved take on a classic blueberry muffin.

Vanilla Chaga Tea: Chaga, which contains vanillin (the same as found in the vanilla bean), pairs perfectly with pure organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla for a deliciously flavorful tea. Known as the King Healer, Chaga floods the body with nutrients, superoxide dismutase and beta-glucans to round out and nourish all systems in the body. The benefits of Chaga are best absorbed when enjoyed with Vitamin C, so it’s the perfect addition to both Lingonberry or Bilberry Powder.

Cocoa & Peppermint Chaga Tea: The perfect evening treat, this caffeine free blend of cocoa and peppermint adds a touch of sweetness to your Chaga tea. Enjoy a warm mug of this before bed to help the body relax and wind down from the day.  Chaga, an adaptogen, helps the body adapt to stress, while over 215 phytonutrients and antioxidants in this tea nourish and support the system.


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