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Virgos and wellness junkies like me love nothing more than a New Year’s resolution. The chance to start anew is a shining light in this season of cold and an invitation to look inward, to do the work, to ground down and conquer. Yet, each of us approaches this challenge with our own spin. Some love accountability. Some embrace a theme. Others denounce the tradition altogether. And so I recently slacked our staff to open up the conversation. Here’s what the CAP Beauty crew has to say about New Year’s resolutions. Here’s what we resolve and what we wish for 2018. And whatever your perspective, we wish for all a year of light, love, abundance and radical health. To new beginnings!
Kerrilynn, Co-Founder and CEO

For the past few years I’ve chosen a single word to guide me. A couple years were guided by the word “space” and I’ll be continuing on with all that it embodies this year. I’ll also be adding “love”. With space and love by my side, 2018 is sure to be a good one.


Amity, Esthetician

I don't necessarily believe in resolutions per se but try to live each day with balance and serenity. I gave up coffee this year which was big (but pretty easy honestly) and will be seeing a naturopath to have my thyroid and hormones checked to practice what I preach! I’m also very into reducing my plastic consumption as well and reducing screen time for the whole family.


Lauren, Sales Associate

I like to choose a theme for the year as well and 2018 is going to be the year of embrace. Embracing change, uncertainty, love, fear, hope, adventure and everything in between. I want to hold onto the things that excite me, embrace the things that scare me, and be more open to the unknown!


Katie, Head of Brand Development 

I'm so into resolutions, I really like to reflect on the last year and set intentions for the coming year. The last couple of years I've taken it a step further and used January as reset since the end of the year is always so hectic with holiday prep, parties and travel. I remove sugar, caffeine, booze, gluten, dairy and soy, but add in tons of selfcare like baths, sauna, dry brushing, facials, cozy blankets, reading and cooking. Hygge to the max!


Cara, Esthetician

I have an ongoing resolution, which I try to practice everyday, but often forget. 

No judgment. With myself and others (with one exception, Trump).

I try to remember everyone has their own story and I have not walked in their shoes so why should I judge them. I am also resolving to swear less and choose my words wisely. What Katie said as well, Hygge!!!


Cindy, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

I love to make a simple, really clear cut resolution, one that is quantifiable and accountable. One year when I was much much younger I resolved to eat a green vegetable everyday. I did it. And of course now I eat loads of greens at every meal. This year I’m giving up plastic water bottles. I want to see if I can make it through the year without consuming a single one. 

And a few less strict: My kids have now surpassed me in their French language skills and so it's time to get cracking. This year I'm going for fluency. And finally my French passport!

I’d also like to focus on teaching my kids more healthy habits: more diversity in the foods they eat, more time in nature, nightly dance parties and better sleep. 


Jennifer, Sales Associate 

I would like to focus on mindfulness this year, particularly slowing down around meal time (currently reading Thich Nhat Hanh's How To Eat, so will be taking inspiration from him!) and being present with my food and the people I am sharing mealtime with. Also would like to bring mindfulness to my mornings by waking up and getting started without my phone, been trying at this for a while but it's a hard habit to kick, planning on getting a separate alarm clock so I won't be tempted! Oh! And definitely Hygge too.


Rachel, Head of Customer Service 

I am resolving to thank God each morning for blessings. A 'praise report' is what I like to call it!


Ling Ling, Sales Associate

I tend to choose (just like Kerrilynn) a word or two that I like to meditate on throughout the year. One year it was just “look” and another year it was “fragility, absurdity, resilience and transparency.” This year, I have two words I want to think about. The first is “reaction.” We (generally) think about controlling our actions, but it’s much easier to forget that we can always choose how we react to the circumstances around us even if we can’t choose them. The other word is “gentleness.” I want to think about how I can always be treating others with gentleness. That extends to myself. I don’t want to beat myself up over resolutions I can’t keep and I want to forgive myself for being human. At the end of the day, I don’t believe in being too dogmatic about things (especially things like resolutions and rituals) because though they can provide a wonderful structure at times, they can also keep us from intuiting or truly feeling, which is my constant resolution in life.


Hanna, Sales Associate

My resolution for this next year is to try to buy as much of my food as possible from farmer's markets and other local vendors/producers. It's so fun to meet the people who grow what you're eating and hear their perspective, plus then I know that it comes from somewhere where the growers put love into their products and produce. I also am trying not to feel guilty when I stray from my healthy, wellness routine that I lead most days. Life is so much more enjoyable when I feel like I enjoy each moment as it is, never feeling like I need to give something up to achieve some esoteric goal. Lastly, my resolution for life is to lead a life that includes lots of laughter, challenges big and small, delicious food, adventure, family time and working hardest at the things I love the most.


Brooke, Los Angeles Store Manager

This year, I intend to become more active in a social responsibility. Looking to join a LA local anti-racism organization of some kind. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear it.

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