New Year’s Wellness Arsenal


With the New Year comes new resolutions and our commitment to wellness and all its benefits only grows stronger. Mineral shots, Chinese herbs, probiotics and digestive bitters are the tip of the iceberg in our wellness cabinet and keep our bodies in tip-top shape throughout the cold winter months. High health and high vibes for all, these feel-good remedies meld seamlessly into your daily routine to ensure your health and beauty stay resilient as ever.


Quintessential Hypertonic  A treasure straight from the sea, these vials are rich in 83 bioavailable elements to wake your system. Buzzing and alive, start the new year off right with a high dose of trace minerals.

Urban Moonshine Healthy Liver Bitters   The royal treatment in liver care, Urban Moonshine harnesses the bitter power of Artichoke Leaf and Raw Honey to support digestion and boost the healthy production of bile. After an indulgent holiday season this is one tincture we’ll have by our side throughout the winter season.

Turmeric Powder  Turmeric, the inflammation fighting wonder root, has been around for centuries but is only now garnering the attention it deserves in the western world. Wunder Workshop’s golden Organic Turmeric Powder is made in small batches in Sri Lanka and it makes a potent addition to savory dishes, tonics and smoothies alike.

Shapeshifter  Speaking of tonics, this winter warmer is our latest obsession. A hot energy shifting tonic to ring in the new year, this blend of 8 Chinese Tonic Herbs helps improve digestion, brighten skin and flatten tummies. This wonder worker does it all.

Golden Hour Glowing Body Oil  After nourishing the inner systems and building beauty from the inside, treat and indulge your body in this luscious golden oil. Massage in post shower and revel in the ritual of self-care.

Antioxidant Beauty Boost  Gut flora and the microbiome. A topic near and dear to our hearts, this beauty boosting powerhouse boasts more than six-billion digestive balancing probiotics to restore gut flora. Coupled with a sea of antioxidants from Papaya, Pomegranate and Green Tea this bottle radiates beauty from the inside out.

ZenBunni Coconache  Elevate the winter indulgence. Our latest collaboration with our good friends at Zenbunni, the Coconache is chocolate gone high vibe. Biodynamic Cacao swirled in our stone-ground Coconut Butter. Utterly divine. Spread on toast, melt into hot chocolates or drizzle over desserts for a delicious hit of chocolate and good fats.

The CAP Matcha  Our love for Matcha runs deep. Switch the usual cup of coffee for this mood enhancing green tea and promote a relaxed alertness powered by minerals and antioxidants.

Raw Honey  Rich in bioactive enzymes, vitamins and minerals, raw honey is an all around healer. A spoonful of this sticky beauty can help ward off sickness when mixed in tea or soothe inflammation when slathered on skin.

Viridem Elixir  Eat your greens! A proverb heard from mothers around the world, we try to get our favorite green veggies in whenever we can and this beautiful deep green elixir is an alkalizing dream. Brimming with cleansing, nourishing and anti-inflammatory bioactives, supplement a whole food diet with this alkalizing green elixir and bring your body into bliss.

Blue Adaptogen Protein  In keeping up with the usual fitness resolution, we’re incorporating this potent protein blend into our morning routines. Brown Rice Protein is amplified with Blue Majik Botanicals, Chia Seeds and Tocotrienols to soothe inflammation and build lean muscle with each serving.

Ghee  We’re calling it now, 2017 is the year of good fats! Don’t fear the ghee. Full of brain nourishing fats and omegas to keep you functioning at optimal levels this Ayurvedic staple is abundant in our cabinets.

Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder  Alkalizing greens and probiotics are the keys to eternal beauty and a healthy gut. Nourish with this deep green powder to alkalize your system, banish unwanted bacteria and recolonize your gut flora for a strong as steel microbiome come spring.

Face Brush  We’re love lymphatic drainage and nothing gets the system going quite like this brush. Brush gently over the face in circular motions to depuff, improve circulation and lightly exfoliate the skin for an unbeatable glow.

Ionic Brush   In keeping with lymphatic drainage, take brushing to the body. Charged with negative ions through friction brushing the body daily stimulates the lymph nodes and accelerates the transportation of oxygen to our cells.

Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C  As we power through these few dark and cold winter months these potent packets of Vitamin C keeps our spirits flying high. Encapsulated in essential phospholipids Vitamin C is immediately and easily absorbed into the bloodstream to strengthen and empower every cell of our being.

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