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Natane Boudreau


I first met Natane years ago when I was a stylist. We were working on the very first issue of Domino, shooting a story about moms and daughters and how their styles related. I showed up at Natane’s Greenwich Village apartment and was immediately taken by her rich and textured life. She was young, but her space was so sophisticated and yet so personal, filled with relics from travel, from loved ones and from her life growing up in fashion. 

Black and white portraits of a younger Natane shot by the likes of Michel Compte graced her walls and yet for all of this worldliness, she was overwhelmingly present, grounded, glowing and kind. Just last year, we met again. This time, inside the walls of CAP Beauty. And as always, Natane shines, bringing her light to every interaction. Curiosity, grace and a deep generosity seem to flow from her. Here we take a peek inside her gorgeous and just slightly more grown-up home, a Village sanctuary where style meets Spirit.

Tell us a little about yourself. Your background, your career, your hobbies, passions and work. I was born and raised in Manhattan by Buddhist, holistic parents. I began modeling at the age of 3 and was photographed by Steven Meisel and Bruce Weber and played Andie MacDowell’s daughter in Calvin Klein ads shot in Greece and Mexico, and began a strong career as an international runway, advertising and editorial model in the early 90’s. I studied acting at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London and at William Esper Studio in NY with Terry Knickerbocker. Currently I am a partner in N + N Films, and am currently creating a network television series and I also mentor and coach models and actors.

My number one passion is theater. My other passions are TM, as taught by Bob Roth at David Lynch Foundation, Kabbalah, assisting at Landmark Forum Young People and Teens, Faye Simpson’s Lucid Body work (forming a character through the chakras), health and well-being.

My main hobby is Charades with Harry Josh’s charades group, which now has a wait list!

You lead a life of such richness and adventure. Travel, family, fashion, spirituality and art seem to play equal parts and it seems there’s nothing you haven’t done. Where does home fit in? My home is the extension of my outside world. There is no separation for me. Blessed crystals from John of God in Brazil mixed with seashells I collected in St. Bart’s at the age of 7, a Hanuman statue I got in Udaipur Seashells sit next to Shakespeare, Avedon portraits and The Zohar (the 2000 year-old Kabbalistic teachings). Black and white photos from the Korean War, of my grandpa Master Sergeant Fish and my grandma, Kan Chee Wong connect me to my heritage.

I have a friend who once said that you shouldn’t dress like an accessory in your own home. Minimalist style, for example, partners well with a rich and layered interior. How is your personal style reflected in your home? How is it different? When I wanted to redecorate my apt 5 years ago, I started with this 1860’s French armchair that exposed the wood skeletal structure with nailed on burlap. I found it at Red Chair in Hudson, NY and I went back 5 times to look at it, over a period of 6 months. I finally committed and proceeded on the hunt for the perfect linen texture, a rustic but luxurious Lee Radziwill pink. I must have had 25 swatches that I gathered over a year which eventually dwindled down to 2 swatches. Then I had to lay the 2 swatches on the armchair for another tortured month. It’s no different when I see a cashmere sweater, in that same Lee Radziwill pink, which my friends now call #BoudreauPink, as I’m obsessed with that shade. The sales people can see me try that sweater on over a series of weeks before I buy it. And often, I don’t. My approach is I have a full 3 dimensional dialog and relationship with anything entering into my sphere. Clearly, I’m the opposite of an impulse buyer, whether I find a Mexican candelabra, a Zodiac marble table, an uncommon vintage pair of Levi’s from a hidden source in LA to a rose gold St. Genesius charm. Stores go broke waiting for me to hand over my credit card. I’m looking for long term fulfillment, not instant gratification.

Are you a collector? I love collecting iconic black and white portrait photographs (Will McBride, Jock Sturges, Lartigue, Sally Mann, Eve Arnold, Steven Meisel, Kurt Marcus), vintage Shakespeare complete works, Audrey Hepburn photographs and anything Audrey Hepburn, flea market art student paintings and South American rugs with pink in them.

Natane, every visit with you seems to involve an opening of your (impressive!) Rolodex. Clearly you love to share your finds, the experts in your corner and anything that excites you. Can you share a few of your favorite resources for spending time at home? These are my favorites: Decor Places: Smith and Regan, Hudson, NY ; The Red Chair, Hudson, NY; The Stonehouse, Delhi, NY ; Michael Trapp, West Cornwall, CT; Hidan Galleries, Stamford, CT.

Rituals: TM daily practice, Palo Santo incense from John of God for grounding, constantly burning, Baies Diptyque Candles from Aedes des Venustas, and my evening bath with Snow Lotus essential oils followed by a tea consisting of Moon Juice Beauty Dust, Sun Potion Tocos, and the CAP Coconut Butter. I then end with my 5 layered face regimen!

What do you love the most about your space? My neighborhood, the Village. I am blessed to be near Washington Square Park, Modo Yoga, 5 Rhythms dance class, Barre 3, Lifethyme Health Food Store, C.O. Bigelow’s and Bar Pitti!

Tell us about some of your most loved possessions. I love my black iron casement windows that open out, my handcrafted reclaimed oak shutters with leaf cut-outs and random stained glass that lets light in, my round mid-century white Italian Carrera marble dining table with gilded astrological signs, my giant 1957 French version movie poster of Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face and the unlacquered brass Barbara Wilson kitchen faucet from England.

What are your design inspirations? Are there hotels, designers, famous interiors or styles that strike a chord for you? Most of my design inspiration comes from traveling and my best friend since birth, a fellow sensory Taurus, Cayli Cavaco. Cayli’s mom, Kezia Keeble, was a renowned stylist and editor, who was my mom’s best friend. She had impeccable taste so at the age of 5 I coveted her decorators, Zajac and Callahan, periwinkle tone-on-tone wallpaper at the Shelter Island house. This became my first decorating choice at the age of 9 when I chose this exact periwinkle color for my Woodstock bedroom to match the 80’s all-pervasive Laura Ashley sheets! Gregory Bissonette, a very talented interior designer who can work with anyone’s sensibility, who came into my life into my life in the 90’s, quickly educated me away from my Laura Ashley prints to Wyeth. A whole new design paradigm emerged.

What is the connection for you between home and creativity? Or between home and spirituality? Or feel free to answer both! I like using my home to share and host transformational evenings. I’ve hosted Will McGreal, a gifted intuitive, who spiritually coaches people to find the true expression of themselves and have had Kabbalah classes with one of my teachers, David Ghiyam. My home is where I do my Transcendental Mediation practice twice a day. For me, spirituality is the context for creativity.

Tell us some of your favorite New York City haunts. (Could be anything: parks, yoga, restaurants, stores, anything.) BAM, Dan White, the Magician at the Nomad Hotel, Hangawi (vegan Korean restaurant), Sushi Seki (best Omakase in town), Nix, James Truman’s vegetarian restaurant, Modo Yoga, Melet Mercantile (best vintage clothing, accessories, collectibles in NYC), Abingdon Square Park, which I’m on the board of, Minamoto Kitchoan (incredible handmade Japanese desserts) and High Vibe, a vegan grocery store.

Will New York always be home? I’m open to move where life takes me but yet, my heart and roots are in my 4 block radius in the Village.

Who are your heroes? My mom, Nian Fish; Werner Erhard, Audrey Hepburn, Ram Dass, Shakespeare and Ivo Van Hove, Malala Yousafzai.

Tell us some of your favorite films. Some Kind of Wonderful, The Breakfast Club and all of the John Hughes films, Rashoman, Romeo and Juliet by Franco Zeffirelli, The Heiress, All About Eve, Mommy Dearest.

Can you give us a few of your favorite picks from CAP Beauty? CAP Coconut Butter, Sun Potion Tocos, my skin looooovvves anything In Fiore, Quinton Marine Plasma, Moon Juice Beauty Dust. But really I LOVE YOUR WHOLE STORE!! You are living your Dharma and making a difference. What more could The Light want from owners. Shine on!

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