My Universe: Taryn Toomey

In honor of her new space opening this week, we are taking a look into the universe of Taryn Toomey (our favorite instructor/workout guru/all around inspiration). If you can’t make it to the magical Mecca that is The Class, make sure to livestream one of the classes online later this year. Her work will change you deeply, you deserve it.

Jeans Chloe
T-shirt J Brand
Sneakers never
Flats Isabel Marant
Boots Isabel Marant
Sunglasses Dita
Day bag Vince cross body
Jewelry you wear everyday opals & moonstones from the airelume
Workout wear Lululemon In The Flow crop pants, basic cotton tanks
Designers Isabel Marant, Mara Hoffman
Lingerie or underwear Natori
Where do you shop Soho

What’s your sign? Libra rising, Aries moon
Workout(s) the class
Yoga studio/teacher Nevine at Katonah, Kevin Courtney
Do you meditate? Yes
Morning rituals Wake up, brush teeth, scrape tongue, drink morning tonic (water, lemon, cayenne, turmeric, ginger), take a probiotic
Incense Palo Santo
Tea or tonic drink both
Diet you follow Food grown from the earth
Guilty pleasure Tequila
Toothpaste TOM’s
Skin care Joanna Vargas
Soap Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Pure Castille Liquid Soap
Lip color Mauve
Perfume or Cologne Bvlgari Eau Parfumee By Bvlgari For Women

Where do you live? Tribeca
Museum The Children’s Museum
Pets No
Sheets Sefte Living
Local restaurant Tiny’s
Best cup of coffee in your town Kaffe 1668
Favorite piece of furniture My bed
Furniture store or designer BDDW
Minimalist or maximalist? Minimalist
Beach Lucy Vincent Beach
Hotel The Four Seasons
Dream dinner party guests Adele
Dinner party menu Potluck style
Favorite recipe Butternut squash soup from the layer  (designed by Mikaela Reuben)
Favorite snack Seaweed
Favorite drink Mother Earth from Juice Press
What do you collect? Crystals
What’s always in your fridge? Probiotic

Who or what inspires you? My struggles, my students, my kids
Favorite discovery Aire Baths
Fashion idol Kate Moss
Crush Pierce Brosnan
Favorite charity Ninos del Sol (formerly Casa de Milagros)
Favorite color Sage green
Favorite place in the world Anywhere with my kids
Favorite movies Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter (documentary)
Favorite albums Florence & The Machine / How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful; Lorde/Pure Heroine; Of Monsters & Men/Beneath the Skin
Necessary indulgence Massage
Who would you want to be for a day? Florence Welch
Song in your head at the moment London Grammar, Interlude
Dancing or karaoke? Both

Apps Find My iPhone, Afterlight, Snapseed, Uber, Headspace
Phone iPhone
Phone case Samantha Wills
Blogs Man Repeller, Goop
Laptop or desktop? Laptop
Tablet iPad
Online shopping sites Net-a-porter
Favorite gadget hahaha