My Universe: Tara Lamont-Djite


Tara Lamont-Djite is a former Harper’s Bazaar US editor who has over eight years of experience contributing to publications like WSJ Magazine, T Magazine, InStyle, Elle, and writer and brillant mind behind PROFYLES is our go-to source of inspiration when it comes to the “next big thing”.


  • Jeans Mother Denim—I can’t wear anything else these days!
  • T-shirt I love Uniform, a new brand that donates a uniform to a child in Africa for every purchase made.
  • Sneakers I switch between Superga, Koio Collective, and PUMA
  • Heels There are almost too many to list. My current favorites are slingbacks by Rouland Mouret but I also love Aquazurra, Manolo Blahnik, Nicolas Kirkwood, Chloé, etc
  • Flats Always Chanel
  • Boots Currently Rag & Bone
  • Sunglasses I’m a bit crazy and have what I call my sunglasses ‘wardrobe.’ I like to switch up my pairs with my outfit. Currently obsessed with Céline.
  • Watch I’ve never worn one.
  • Day bag I mostly switch between my classic Chanel 2.55 and the Céline luggage tote.
  • Jewelry you wear everyday My wedding ring, a recycyled gold bangle, and a tiny star by Lulu Frost in my ear.
  • Workout wear I can never remember. I think it’s LuluLemon but I’m dying to get some Outdoor Voices!
  • Designers I love the three C’s: Céline, Chloé, and Chanel. But I’m also obsessed with The Row, Valentino, Simone Rocha, Grace Wales Bonner, Filippa K, and Dries Van Noten.
  • Lingerie or underwear I have a random mix of things but am obsessed with Yasmine Eslami.
  • Where do you shop I rarely shop in stores and normally buy things online or at sample sales. But my favorite stores are The Apartment by The Line, Quiet Storms, Barneys, the Céline boutique in Soho, and Sincerely Tommy.
  • Boutique The Apartment by The Line
  • Online shopping site Net-a-Porter and CAP Beauty
  • Suit A bespoke blazer by Blazé Milano


  • What’s your sign Pisces
  • Workout(s) I do a combination of yoga, pilates, core classes, and boot camp
  • Sport(s) I’m not very sporty.
  • Yoga studio/teacher Sky Ting!
  • Do you meditate Unfortunately I don’t
  • Morning rituals I start the day with a cup of lemon and hot water and go back to bed to have breakfast with my husband (my cat is normally bothering me for his breakfast, too). We take a little time, look at the day ahead, and then I get up and make a morning smoothie.
  • Evening rituals I always, always wash my face with Manuka honey and love to make a CAP Beauty tonic from Tocos, He Shou Wu, and Coconut Butter before bed.
  • Tea or tonic drink CAP Beauty tonic and green tea with almond milk (just try it, you’ll be hooked)
  • Diet you follow I did the Dr. Frank Lipman cleanse and it completely changed my life. I’m trying to stay on the path but it’s tough!
  • Guilty pleasure 100% chocolate
  • Toothpaste Marvis
  • Skin care Essentially, my beauty routine has become skincare 101. I’ve always had temperamental, pimple-prone skin, and surprisingly (to me), the simple route works best. Per my CAP facialist Jordan’s suggestions, I started using Manuka honey as a cleanser. I dip my fingers into the jar and massage a spoon-sized amount of honey over my entire face like an Egyptian queen, let it sit for a minute or two, and then with wet hands start to emulsify it and wash it off. I only cleanse at night, so this is great to do in the shower where you can be sure to remove all traces of honey. After toweling off, I spritz my face with the most divine facial mist known to man—May Lindstrom’s Jasmine Garden. It literally smells like heaven and acts as my toner. Next I squeeze six drops of Vintner’s Daughter facial serum onto my fingers, rub my hands together and press it into my skin. For me, Vintner’s has also been a skin game changer. A friend likened it to the oil used to anoint the Gods, and I have to agree. Et voilà! In the mornings I simply splash my face with warm water, mist again, and then apply more Vintner’s Daughter oil.
  • Once or twice a week when my skin feels a tad congested (this happens frequently thanks to New York City pollution, and I recently learnt that we touch our face over 2000 times a day!), I exfoliate with a new brand called Root Science. They have beautiful packaging and it’s gentle enough for my skin, which can also be a little sensitive. On the weekends I like to use Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask. It goes on clear, and when it dries it has an almost face lift effect, your skin looks like a doll! I never want to wash it off.
  • Soap I use my husband’s no-fragrance, no-anything body wash and RAAW in a Jar algae hand wash on my bathroom counter.
  • Lip color It always changes. Current Glossier Generaton G in Like.
  • Perfume or Cologne Chanel Le Beiges
  • Who cuts your hair Joey at Blackstones
  • Shampoo Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt
  • Favorite beauty product Manuka honey!


  • Where do you live? Clinton Hill in Brooklyn
  • Artist Currently, Agnes Martin
  • Piece of art in your home A Monet print, and lots of found art
  • Museum The Frick
  • Pets One cat called Couscous
  • Sheets Parachute
  • Local restaurant Speedy Romeos
  • Best cup of coffee in your town Bedford Hill
  • China Anything vintage and British
  • Pottery My friend just launched a line called Milk + Clay that I’m obsessed with
  • Favorite piece of furniture I’m dying to find the perfect blush pink or dove gray mid Century couch
  • Furniture store or designer Pelle and Lindsey Adelman.
  • Minimalist or maximalist Minimalist
  • Hotel The Crosby and The Bowery in NYC
  • Dream dinner party guests Steve Jobs, Audrey Hepburn, and Alexander McQueen
  • Go-to dinner party recipe Poached salmon with Israeli couscous
  • Most used kitchen gadget My electric tea kettle
  • Favorite snack Dark chocolate!
  • Favorite drink Tea
  • What do you collect Fashion
  • What’s always in your fridge Mint leaves, eggs, coconut yogurt, and lots of spinach leaves


  • Who or what inspires you My husband is hugely inspiring. So are the incredible people I meet in the fashion and beauty industries, New York, galleries, riding the subway, reading, and so, so much imagery.
  • Favorite discovery Impossible to limit it to just one
  • Favorite quote Never give up.
  • Fashion idol Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Santo Domingo, Vanessa Traina
  • Crush My husband
  • Beach Anywhere in Australia, where I’m from
  • Ski Resort I need to visit many more before I have a favorite.
  • Favorite color Pink
  • Favorite place in the world Paris
  • Favorite movies Breakfast at Tiffanys, Cloud Atlas, Little Women
  • Favorite writers Brett Easton Ellis, Truman Capote, Walt Whitman
  • Favorite albums That is much too difficult! A few I love: Lungs and Ceremonials by Florence + The Machine, anything by Phoenix and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  • Nightstand reading Swing Time by Zadie Smith
  • Photography or coffee table book Women by Slim Aarons
  • Necessary indulgence Let’s make it indulgences: A great cup of tea, good quality dark chocolate, pajama sets, sleeping in, a hot shower.
  • Who would you want to be for a day No one but myself
  • What’s your inner age Probably a 60 year old grandmother who lives on the Upper East Side
  • Song in your head at the moment Federico Albanese
  • Dancing or karaoke Dancing!!


  • Apps Instagram
  • Phone IPhone
  • Phone case A navy, pebbled leather
  • Blogs They All Hate Us
  • Go-to website!
  • Podcasts Sadly I never listen to them
  • Laptop or desktop Laptop
  • Tablet I’ve never been a tablet girl
  • Computer bag Céline luggage bag
  • Favorite gadget My phone
  • Recent Google search Vintage Céline shoes

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