My Universe: Steven Alan

We’ve long admired aesthete Steven Alan. With a brilliant eye for trends, without being trendy, his world is filled with the perfect mix of high and low: beautiful ceramics, glorious ski mountains, humble pickles. Tune in to discover what turns him on and get inspired to fill your own universe with beauty. It’s everywhere.



  • Sneakers Common Projects
  • Boots Vasque Sundowner
  • Sunglasses Steven Alan
  • Where do you shop SA and various shops like Beauty and Youth, Tomorrowland and Journal Standard in Japan
  • Suit Aside from ours, Dries Van Noten



  • What’s your sign Gemini
  • Yoga studio/teacherEddie Stern
  • Do you meditate Yes
  • Morning rituals When I remember, Muesli soaked overnight
  • Diet you follow Nothing to excess. All good stuff
  • Perfume or  Cologne1509



  • Where do you live? Ditmas Park, Brooklyn
  • Piece of art in your home Chris Johanson
  • Sheets Coyuchi
  • China or Pottery Pottery
  • Furniture store or designer Mattermade
  • Minimalist or maximalist Minimalist
  • Hotel I recently stayed at Hotel Das Stue in Berlin and loved it
  • Most used kitchen gadget Toaster oven
  • What do you collect Old film cameras/lenses
  • What’s always in your fridge Pickles



  • Who or what inspires you My 3 kids
  • Sports hero Michael Jordan
  • Ski Resort Taos
  • Favorite color Green
  • Favorite movies Kramer vs Kramer, Manhattan
  • What’s your inner age 42



  • Apps Flipboard, Maple, Mindbody, Headspace, NYTimes, The New Yorker
  • Podcasts Fresh air, wtf, Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Ted, kcrw
  • Computer bag My Northface backpack
  • Favorite gadget iPad pro
  • Wristwatch SA Tetsu watch


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