MY UNIVERSE: Ricardo Muntjac Legs von Pamer


Ricardo Muntjac Legs von Pamer is an old soul, a four pound pirate and a fighter at heart. Hailing from the streets of the tropical isle of Puerto Rico, but calling Brooklyn his home, he’s as glamorous as he is rough and tumble and ready to rumble. And since his adoption in 2017 by our own CAPtain and wellness pioneer, Kerrilynn, he’s also developed a taste for health and healing. From biomats to bio hacks, from grass-fed beef to greens, he’s living large and in the cult. Naturally, we had to take a look inside his sordid, yet sophisticated universe. Happy April, everyone!


Jeans True Religion

T-shirt old American Apparel, I bought them by the dozen. Also, Hanes muscle tees.

Boots Lucchese Black Python 

Sunglasses Ray-Ban Aviators

Watch Gold Casio.

Jewelry Gold chain with St. Christopher locket for protection, amethyst heart for keeping me calm. And a custom glass evil eye necklace that my friend brought back from Greece.

Workout wear Muscle tee and a speedo.

Designers Tom Ford, Versace, Antonio Banderas and I round it out with some vintage Ed Hardy.

Lingerie or underwear Briefs.

Online shopping site I like to dig for my finds. 


What’s your sign Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon, Scorpio Rising.

Workout(s) Boxing, wrestling and a sprinkling of Tracy Anderson.

Sport(s) UFC, bull riding.

Yoga studio/teacher Gleason’s Gym.

Do you meditate I try.

Meditation teacher, venue or app Bob Roth of The David Lynch Foundation.

Experts in your corner Tim Ferris, Dave Asprey, Joe Rogan, The Rock.

Morning rituals Cuddles with my Mami and Papi, spin around the block, breakfast and biomat time.

Evening rituals Same as morning. I’m a creature of habit.

Tea or tonic drink I like a hit of The O’Clocks in some Matcha.

Wellness idol My sister, Beba. She’s the most chill animal I know. God, I hate that she hates me.

Diet you follow Paleo, all the way. Keto when I’m wanting to lean out.

Guilty pleasure Street fighting.

Toothpaste Dehydrated parsley.

Soap Irish Spring

Perfume or Cologne Paco Rabanne. And I like Axe.

Shampoo Bathing Culture.

Favorite beauty product My Alexis Smart flower remedies keep me feeling my best. And, hopefully my most handsome.


Where do you live? Brooklyn, New York.

Artist Patrick Nagel, Leroy Neiman and of course Picasso.

Museum Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Sheets Black silk.

Local restaurant The street is my all you can eat buffet.

Pottery Black Hasami bowl.

Favorite piece of furniture My Sophie Nova meditation dumpling.

Furniture store or designer Philippe Starck

Minimalist or maximalist Minimalism, 100%.

Hotel Bellagio

Dream dinner party guests Cesar Milan, Gianni Versace, Elton John J. Lo, The Cake Boss, Bradley Cooper, Mario Testino, Joey Chestnut.

Go-to dinner party recipe Farmers Dog Beef Recipe.

Favorite snack Cucumber and fennel.

Favorite drink Jarritos and Michelada.

What do you collect Stuffed animals.

What’s always in your fridge La Croix, cucumbers, sauerkraut, quinoa and eggs.


Who or what inspires you Chrissy Beckles of The Sato Project.

Favorite discovery That I can have anything I want.

Favorite quote We are what we repeatedly do, excellency is not an act but a habit.

Sports hero John McEnroe, Rojon Rondo and Allen Iverson.

Crush J. Lo

Beach Venice

Favorite charity The Sato Project.

Favorite color Black.

Favorite place in the world Los Angeles.

Favorite movies Rocky, Top Gun, Fast and Furious, all of them. Tropic Thunder.

Favorite songs Who am I? by Snoop Dogg, Who Let The Dogs Out by Baha Men

Photography or coffee table book Guinness Book of World Records.

Necessary indulgence Custom formulated Alexis Smart Flower Remedy for anxiety.

Who would you want to be for a day A Bull Mastiff.

What’s your inner age 14 (in human years)

Song in your head at the moment Jump by Van Halen.

Dancing or karaoke Dancing. Always.


Apps Senza

Phone Razr.

Phone case nothing comes between me and my Razr.

Podcasts Luke Storey, Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan.

Laptop or desktop Tablet

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