My Universe: Rachel Saunders


Rachel Saunders life is as rich, elegant and considered as her line of ceramics that she concepts and creates out of her Vancouver Island studio. With a deep commitment to self discovery and the practices that surround it, expect to find her cooking simple, local meals, in the sauna, practicing Kundalini or at work on her wheel. Let her life of thoughtful minimalism guide you through your day and get to know all that Rachel loves.


Jeans FEEL Studio Genuine Jean 

T-Shirt the softest vintage Rolling Stones tour shirt that I found on a small hippie island this summer

Socks Maggie’s Organics in white

Heels Maryam Nassir Zadeh forever

Sneakers White Airforce 1’s forever 

Boots Vintage black Spanish leather cowboy boots I just thrifted. 

Sunglasses Retrosuperfuture Drew Mama’s, and BluBlox blue-blocking glasses at night 

Watch I try to avoid looking at the time as much as possible, when I’m working or going somewhere in a rush I try and practice ‘Einstein Time’ which is an amazing hack. 

Day bag Black Baggu backpack

Jewelry couple of layered gold necklaces and rings that I end up losing daily in my studio. Vintage or by my friends at Wolf Circus.

Workout wear Gil Rodriguez or Los Angeles Apparel 

Designers MNZ, Bode, Stacey Nishimoto, Sophie Buhai, Jil Sander, Issey Miyake

Lingerie or underwear On Gossamer’s sheer panties for a Lost in Translation moment

Where do you shop Small town thrift stores, independent women-run brands

Where do you want to shop BLESS 

Online shopping site

Swimwear Hunza G 

Style Icon Carolyn Bessette Kennedy



What’s your sign Aquarius sun, Virgo rising, Aries moon

Workout Barre, Pilates, yin and Kundalini yoga

Studio/teacher Desiree Pais at SKY TING, Guru Jagat at RA MA

Do you meditate Everyday in some form or another, be it sitting cross legged or mindfully washing the dishes

Experts in your corner (herbalists, doctors, registered nurses, naturopaths) On Vancouver Island I get craniosacral by an amazing woman named Joan Chua, reiki by an earth angel named Linda Weech, I do Systemic Constellation work with Jan Hull, and my naturopath is Dr. Doug Kuramoto. Also LOVE working remotely with Feng Shui goddess Meghan Wallace James

Morning rituals Make my tonic, do my kriyas

Evening rituals Make a sleepytime Reishi tonic and read or write

Astrologist Siri Romero! @lesirirome_

Human Design Emotional Projector ⅓. Truly a life changing modality for me.

Shower or bath Baaaaaath. Long and luxurious. 

Extrovert or introvert Either depending on what my needs are at the time. I find there is much polarity to my life which has been confusing until I learned to accept that you don’t just have to be one way. 

Stress management techniques Forest bathing, being in a body of water, making love.

Who is your get out of jail call? My best pal from high school, Louis. Man, has he gotten some calls from me over the years.



Tea or tonic drink Zizia Mushroom Mesquite powder, tocos, CAP Coconut Butter, Pink Mountain Salt, cocoa powder. Yummmm

Wellness idol Daphne Javitch

How do you like to eat? I like to graze, intuitively snacking on what my body craves throughout the day.

Salty or sweet? Salty but also sour, I need acidity.

What’s always in your fridge? Fermented veggies, pickles, olives, miso, grass fed butter, my LESSE bioactive face masque.

Go-to dinner recipe Pasta al limone with in-season veggies

Go-to dinner party recipe Beautiful tapas in my ceramics scattered about with a torn baguette

Favorite snack Fruit with lime and chili 

Favorite drink  Chilled glass of natural orange wine 

Where do you grocery shop? A cute little wellness market by my house called Mother Nature’s Market. 90’s health food vibes.

What’s always in your pantry? Nutritional yeast, good olive oil, dates, chickpeas, cocoa powder, apple cider vinegar, a variety of dried seaweed and soba noodles.



Toothpaste Auromère Ayurvedic toothpaste

Soap Binu Binu bars and F. Miller’s bodywash 

Lip Rituel de Fille creme pigment or Chanel

Perfume or Cologne Prima Materia by Sigil <3

Hair stylist My mama

Shampoo/ Conditioner Sisters

Cleanser F. Miller oil cleanser 

Toner Santa Maria Novella’s rose water 

Serum LESSE Ritual Serum every day and night

Moisturizer I never need it, but if I need more hydration I turn to Living Libations.

Mask LESSE Bioactive Face Masque. I love the way it gently tingles and leaves my skin so rejuvenated. 

Beauty tool Gua Sha

Makeup Noto Botanics



Where do you live? Vancouver Island, Canada

Artist Mother Nature

Piece of art in your home Gia Coppola print of Sunset Boulevard 

Museum Atelier Brancusi

Pets My childhood Siamese cat Hubert 

Sheets Bed Threads 

Local restaurant Uchida

Best cup of coffee/tea in your town Habit 

Pottery My collection of Oaxacan terracotta

Favorite piece of furniture The table I made with my Dad

Furniture store or designer Homestead in Seattle, Alvar Aalto

Minimalist or maximalist Minimalist but am a curious observer of maximalism.

Hotel Hotel Brummell in Barcelona 

Dream dinner party guests Patti Smith, Alice Waters, Agnes Varda, Sun Ra, Carl Jung

Most used kitchen gadget Electric whisk

What do you collect Vintage coveralls



Who or what inspires you People coming together for the greater good

Quote “Our frequency is our gift to the world”

Crush Joaquin Phoenix 

Beach Pfieffer Beach in Big Sur


Films A Swedish Lovestory, La Collectioneuse, The Century of the Self, Dog Day Afternoon, The Graduate, In the Mood For Love

Favorite albums Transa- Caetano Veloso, Blue- Joni Mitchell, Diamond Life- Sade, Sticky Fingers- Rolling Stones, Love Is Overtaking Me- Arthur Russell, Desire- Bob Dyan

Book Letting Go by David Hawkins

Photography or coffee table book Jane Fonda’s Workout Book

Favorite cookbook The Tassajara Breadbook

Who would you want to be for a day Someone who wasn’t colour blind 

Inner age 5 or 65

Song in your head at the moment Who Knows Where the Time Goes- Nina Simone

Dancing or karaoke Dancing!



Apps The Pattern, Radiooooo, Insight Timer, Youper, MyFLO, Duolingo

Phone iPhone 8 

Phone case White rubber covered in clay


Podcasts Reverberation Radio, Ram Dass Here and Now, The Moth, You Must Remember This 

Computer bag One of many totes

Favorite gadget My ZIIP microcurrent device

Favorite Instagram @ashleyhelvey

Favorite News source The community newsletter at my local health food store


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