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We met Nitsa the day we opened the doors to our West Village store. As the Creative Director of Sun Potion, she came to support and to shine her light, serving tonics to a packed house just a few nights later. Her exquisite taste and eye for modern beauty never cease to impress and the life she’s carved for herself is an inspiration to us all. She has her finger on the pulse of all facets of living (we looked at her fridge, and her superpowers), so read on for a look into her universe.


  • Jeans Kind of a rarity for me… denim vintage overalls or white Levi’s, which I wear maybe once or twice a year
  • T-shirt Jungmaven ribbed and striped hemp tee
  • Sneakers Nikes
  • Heels Celine
  • FlatsMarikoko woven moroccan slip ons and Beatrice Valenzuela sandals
  • Boots Rick Owens wedge booties with ankle chain for city and Redback work boots for the country
  • Sunglasses Celine / Garrett Leight
  • Watch Omega vintage leather (I have my eyes on this over the top but absolutely gorgeous diamond encrusted rose gold Rolex… goals!!!)
  • Day bag Pelican camera case
  • Jewelry you wear everyday Gold band, family heirloom from someone who is very precious to me and shungite + pink tourmaline mala
  • Workout wear ALO high waist leggings or sweats or over a leotard (this is also what I wear in general)
  • Designers AWAVEWAWAKE (organic, plant dyed silk), Rick Owens and Yohji Yamamoto
  • Lingerie or underwear Less is more. When I do wear it, I’m all about the lace and straps
  • Where do you shop When I travel or I’m at special events like Echo Park Craft Fair where some of my talented designer friends show and sell their pieces
  • BoutiqueStardust Kana in Kyoto
  • Shopping mecca Tokyo and Kyoto
  • Online shopping site Have yet to get into online shopping for clothes, but I love ABE Books for online book shopping!
  • Suit Hmmm…. any recommendations for where to find a sustainable linen suit? I could get into that!



  • What’s your sign? Pisces, Leo Moon, Scorpio Rising
  • Workout / Sports (s) Yoga on my roof, dancing whenever and wherever I can. Hiking and boxing
  • Yoga studio/teacher Tej 9am Kundalini class at Nine Treasures in West Hollywood
  • Do you meditate? Yes
  • Meditation teacher SELF / COSMOS An accumulation of amazing teachers have brought me to my current practice which is inspired by lineages of Kriya yoga, zen, tantra, kundalini, energetic synthesis, gratitude, photography and my own zany and intuitive approach.
  • Morning rituals Rounds of tea and tonic herbal potions
  • Evening rituals Triphala nightcap
  • Tea or tonic drink: Currently hooked on this tonic turmeric chai I have been making with our newest herbal formula Yin Power and homemade cashew milk
  • Wellness idol My father, Alfred Pomerleau. He literally eats and breathes all things pure and wholesome and in support of human life and planetary harmony.
  • Diet you follow Organic, local, whole foods, mostly plants, good fats, tonic herbs, plenty of ferments and wild teas
  • Guilty pleasure Organic +Biodynamic wine (though in truth not so much guilt about the wine, it is a great source of antioxidants and pleasure for the spirit)
  • Toothpaste Dr. Alkaitis
  • Skin Everything by Living Libations, Shiva Rose, Poppy and Someday, iSun
  • Soap: Santa Maria Novella vetiver soap, Golda soap and Nucifera (as cleansing oil for face)
  • Lip color Poppy and Someday blush balm and Noto botanics lip tint
  • Perfume or Cologne: Ama, wild vetiver and golda essential oil
  • Who cuts your hair: My friend Justine Marjan



  • Where do you live? West Hollywood
  • Artist Tasya van Ree
  • Piece of art in your home Double exposure photo by Tasya
  • Museum ooh… Whitney or … impossible to answer…. every museum!
  • Pets My houseplants
  • Sheets Coyuchi Linens
  • Local restaurant Kismet, Pace, the new Cafe Gratitude in Beverly Hills, Polo Lounge at Beverly Hills Hotel (for a certain kind of mood) and I love Gjelina and Plant Food and Wine in Venice
  • Best cup of coffee in your town Anything Ally and Casey conjure up with Canyon Coffee
  • China or Pottery EMK ceramics
  • Favorite piece of furniture My bed. Natural talalay latex foam on Floyd frame
  • Furniture store or designer Everything on 1st dibs and all of my designer friend Jill Nelsen’s curations!
  • Minimalist or maximalist Minimalist, but warm and always comfortable
  • Hotel Park Hyatt Tokyo
  • Dream dinner party guests: Anaïs Nin, Albert Einstein, Rudolf Steiner, Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, Ingmar Bergman, Georgia O’Keefe, Cate Blanchett, Cleopatra, Genghis Khan and Gandalf
  • Go-to dinner party recipe Roasted veggies, salmon, market salad, wild mushrooms, wild rice, tonic elixirs and biodynamic wine
  • Most used kitchen gadget Vitamix and Japanese knife
  • Favorite snack Coconut cult yogurt topped with pine pollen and local bee pollen
  • Favorite drink Gregs Galactivation Serum, puerh from Living Tea
  • What do you collect? Loose shipping papers to use as instant kindling in the fire
  • What’s always in your fridge? Unpasteurized miso and coconut yogurt



  • Who or what inspires you? Nature and honesty
  • Favorite discovery Healing power of Self-Love
  • Fashion idol Rei Kawakubo
  • Sports hero Rudolf Nureyev
  • Crush Apron linen by Coyuchi
  • Beach Somewhere up by Northern Kyoto by the sea, not sure what this beach is actually called but absolute favorite beach ever. Hot springs right on the shoreline!
  • Favorite charity Roots and Shoots
  • Favorite color Rainbow
  • Favorite place in the world My imagination
  • Favorite movies: Wild Strawberries, Lord of the Rings, In the Mood for love and Une Femme est une Femme
  • Favorite writers Anaïs Nin, Gary Snyder and Herman Hesse
  • Favorite albums:Impossible to answer… so many greats!!! First that come to mind. Bob Dylan, Live at Royal Albert Hall, 1966, Bootleg Series Vol. 4, In Rainbows, Radiohead and Have one on Me, Joanna Newsom
  • Nightstand reading: Currently bedside: How to Wrap Five Eggs by Hideyuki Oka and Wisdom the Earth Speaks by Barry Kapp
  • Photography or coffee table book: Noguchi, Sculptors World, Wicked, Ellen Von Unwerth and always deskside, Photographs of Alfred Stieglitz
  • Necessary indulgenceMatcha
  • Who would you want to be for a day? A blue whale
  • What’s your inner age? 64 and spry
  • Song in your head at the moment: Rake it up by Yo Gotti + Nicki Minaj (naughty, don’t play it for your children!)
  • Dancing or karaoke: DANCING!



  • Apps Instagram and Notes
  • Phone iPhone7+ all the storage
  • Phone case Basic, white
  • Blogs House of Citrine and The Haute Pursuit
  • Go-to website
  • Podcasts The Medical Medium, Anthony Williams and Guru Singh ( new obsession, thanks Kerrilynn!)
  • Laptop or desktop? Desktop, I love to see as much of the whole picture as possible 
  • Tablet: Nope
  • Computer bag Black leather Marni tote
  • Favorite gadget My Thumper
  • Recent Google search “Blue Whale Underwater Sound Recordings”

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