My Universe: Nadia Josse

Fetching and French might perfectly describe Nadia Josse, but they also leave much unsaid. The PR manager at Chanel, of course, has impeccable style and charm in spades, but she also has a deep wellness practice and dives headfirst into ritual and radical health. Nadia shares our our love for everything from fashion and food to yoga, vedic meditation and, of course, CAP Beauty. Naturally we wanted to journey inside her universe. It's fetching, French and flush with life.


Jeans Acne or vintage Levis from Reformation. I don’t have the patience to dig for the perfect pair of vintage jeans and Ref has a great selection.

T-shirt men’s Uniqlo or Isabel Marrant

Sneakers Nike Air Max, my fiancé got me the rose gold ones that I’m obsessed with!

Heels Chanel

Flats K-Jaques, Emme Parsons or Loq (new find on Net-A-Porter)

Boots Chloe

Sunglasses Garret Leight or Chanel

Watch Chanel Boyfriend Watch

Day bag Chanel 2.55 in black chevron with black hardware and my mom’s creation @bytatoufa, currently my summer bag. It says Ibiza but you can customize it however you want.

Jewelry you wear everyday My engagement ring that I’m in love with and a mix of Love Adorned and Maria Tash rose gold piercings.

Workout wear OV and Nike, I like a good matching set.

Designers Chanel, Isabel Marrant and Ulla Johnson with some Reformation and Acne! I also like Love Shack Fancy and DOEN in the summer.

Lingerie I’m so bad at lingerie, I would love to love it. I like Cosabella classic lace thongs and this French brand called Princesse Tam Tam that I shop at when in Paris.

Online shopping site CAP Beauty of course, Net-A-Porter, Matches and Reformation.



What’s your sign Leo

Workout(s) Tracy Anderson Method and Bari

Yoga studio/teacher I practice at home, I got my 200hr certification from Sky Ting last fall with Krissy and Chloe as my mentors and they are amazing. I like to practice once to twice a week at home. If Jivamukti yoga was in Brooklyn I would go every day. My fave teachers there are Rima and Matthew.

Do you meditate Yes

Meditation teacher, venue or app I took a TM course with Ben Turshen. He’s awesome. I love anything with Thom Knoles. My dream would be to go to one of his retreats in India.

Experts in your corner (nutritionists, trainers, coaches, etc.) Gil Jacobs who’s a colon hydrotherapist who taught me more on health than anyone else. Mzia Shiman for facials, she’s a real skin whisperer and Shamara Bondaroff from SB Skin for microcurrent. I like to follow Nicole Berrie @bonberi and my friend Louisa from @rawandroasted on Instagram for their healthy recipes and tips. I also see Ally Bogard, she’s an amazing spiritual coach (and yoga teacher), she’s magical.

Morning rituals First thing is a 20 min TM. Then I give a kiss to my fiancé who’s asleep (I wake up around 6am). I have 1 shot of raw aloe vera juice and after that I mix together the juice of a whole lemon with warm water and apple cider vinegar that I sip on during my work out. After that I do a 45 minute to 1 hour Tracy Anderson workout at home. That usually sets me up nicely for the day. I also dry brush everyday before my shower. I actually got mine at CAP and use the Living Libations essential oil for lymph health.

Evening rituals I usually turn off all my devices 1 hour before sleep (I try! Not always a success). I chat with my fiancé we like to just hang out in bed and talk about anything and everything. He makes me laugh a lot! I like to burn some palo santo and spray my CAP Beauty CAPtivator energy mist! I love love the smell (you guys should make a perfume!). Then I read but since I’m usually so exhausted I read a page and I’m already asleep.

Tea or tonic drink Tea! Love a Genmaicha

Wellness idol Gil Jacobs, Natalia Rose

Diet you follow Food Combining, life changing.

Guilty pleasure Dark chocolate and red wine

Toothpaste I would love to say a non toxic toothpaste but this is the one thing I can’t switch to…I like a good ol’ Colgate

Skin care Love Drunk Elephant (Marula Oil and Babyfacial mask), Biologique Recherche (Lait VIP, Lotion P50 and Masque Vivant) and Marie Veronique (Soothing Serum). For body I love Pai and Butter Elixir.

Soap Pai shower gel

Lip color None I like a natural lip or maybe a pink from RMS lip to cheek! If I do a red lip I like Elegante from Chanel

Perfume or Cologne Oil! I live for the ILARY roll on – smells like heaven! You can buy online.

Who cuts your hair Rishi at David Mallet in Paris and no one else. Not only he’s cool and handsome but he gets it right away!

Shampoo Oribe for colored hair

Favorite beauty product Bioderma make up remover lotion that I get in Paris in bulk.


Where do you live Brooklyn (Williamsburg)

Artist Danny Fox

Piece of art in your home My fiancé Matt paints and we have a lot of his pieces at home.

Museum Musee Galliera in Paris

Sheets Parachute Home

Local restaurant Sunday in Brooklyn! BEST FOOD IN THE HOOD! You have to try their homemade pickles and bread

Best cup of coffee in your town Depanneur on Wythe avenue, the best coffee hands down. My order is a large Americano with almond milk!

China No but I’m eyeing my mom’s Astier de Villatte set. She promised she would give it to me when I get married!

Pottery Anything from Mociun, right down from my house. This place is heaven. I love Jeremy Ayers and Eleonor Boström.

Favorite piece of furniture Our coffee table from this place called From the Source.

Furniture store or designer ABC Carpet and my uncle and aunt’s amazing interior design brand called Tinja. Everything is made in Tunisia by artisans. It’s very beautiful. 

Minimalist or maximalist I try very hard to be a minimalist.. very hard.

Hotel La Granja in Ibiza – this is where I want to get married.

Dream dinner party guests Michael Pollan, Michelle Obama, Ina Garten, Joe Rogan, Matt my fiancé, Gwyneth Paltrow and Thom Knoles. What a crew!

Go-to dinner party recipe A huge green salad with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers and olives, a bunch of roasted local veggies (olive oil and rosemary with a bit of Sal de Ibiza!) and some simple yummy and perfectly roasted potatoes. I also love to check in the Plenty cookbook for new veggie based recipes. I also look at raw / plant based recipes in Natalia Rose cookbook the The Raw Food Detox Diet.

Most used kitchen gadget My instapot. I live for my instapot and use it every day. Then my vitamix for creamy dressings and smoothies

Favorite snack Roasted Nori sheets, Olives and carrots.

Favorite drink Green Juice and a good Barolo.

What do you collect Mugs and bowls

What’s always in your fridge Kimchi, Olives (love the Botija and Casteveltrano) and dark chocolate. I also keep all my nuts and dried fruit in there.



Who or what inspires you Kindness

Favorite discovery Binaural Sound Waves on Spotify.

Favorite quote I have way too many and I can’t remember one

Fashion idol my dad, he is always chic in any circumstances

Beach Capri! Anywhere on the amalfi coast but also Sa Caleta in Ibiza

Ski Resort Courchevel

Favorite charity I like to donate to charities that support women’s empowerment and education. Days for Girls is a great one.

Favorite color Red

Favorite place in the world Amalfi Coast

Favorite movies Love Actually, The Godfather, American Beauty

Nightstand reading Currently reading Women Food and God by Genee Roth

Photography or coffee table book Peter Beard and CAP Beauty book!

Necessary indulgence  Vegan Ice Cream

Who would you want to be for a day Beyonce

What’s your inner age 75

Song in your head at the moment Taste

Dancing or karaoke Karaoke for LIFE!



Apps Evernote, Uber and Instagram

Phone IPhone

Phone case None I like to live on the edge

Blogs Bonberi

Go-to website Fast Company, Goop and Business of Fashion

Podcasts Joe Rogan, Up First, Dax Shepard, Sam Harris, Tim Ferris and Almost 30.

Laptop or desktop Laptop

Tablet Kindle

Computer bag I also live on the edge for that one

Favorite gadget I’m more of a kitchen gadget person – my avocado slicer would be my favorite.

Recent Google search New restaurants in Brooklyn, How to clean your berkey water filter, how to soften kelp noodles

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