My Universe: Lex Kendall


Entrepreneur, consultant, and vagabond on hiatus, Lex Kendall is the founder of our favorite underground shop, The New Stand. We first bonded over our shared love of Matcha, then got him to share some of the details of his universe.


  • Jeans: Schaeffer’s of Sunset Blvd
  • Tshirt: Anything the master Robbie Russo makes
  • Sneakers: Jack Purcell cream canvas low top
  • Boots: Vince Carter
  • Sunglasses: Matte black Illesteva Leonard’s with brass inlays
  • Watch: Grandad’s Eternamatic that he wore every day. Prized possession.
  • Day bag: A leather satchel I bought in Rome like ten years ago that has weathered beautifully.
  • Jewelry you wear everyday: Signet ring my dad gave me when I turned 18.
  • Workout wear: OV, I love to support my friend’s companies
  • Designers: Love the designers who came through our program Made Fashion Week like Alex Wang, Suno, Proenza, Cushnie, Public School, Pamela Love
  • Lingerie or underwear: Neither! Naked is best.
  • Where do you shop: As few places as possible. Dislike shopping, it’s a necessary evil so I’m so happy when I find a place I like, like Shaeffers where they make a template of your jean size and you can call them and they’ll send new ones.
  • Boutique: By George in Austin
  • Suit: Hawkes of Savile Row. Dad taught me to have one good tailored suit.


  • What’s your sign? Aries
  • Workout(s) Try to avoid gyms at all costs. Cycling, hiking, walking, tennis, soccer.
  • Sport(s) Yoga studio/teacher Nautilus Hotel in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
  • Do you meditate? They say meditate for an hour if you have time. And two hours a day if you don’t.
  • Meditation teacher: Headspace, right now
  • Morning rituals: Make coffee in my cafetiere and walk around my flat admiring and talking to my plants
  • Evening rituals: Open wine and unwind by walking around my roof garden tending and talking to my plants.
  • Tea or tonic drink: CAP Beauty Matcha!
  • Diet you follow: Follow what my body tells me. Fortunately I have lots of healthy habits. Like eating bags of watercress and the fact that hummus forms the center of my food pyramid.
  • Guilty pleasure: Far too much mezcal
  • Skin care: Coconut oil for everything.
  • Soap: The big tubs of “Soap for everyone”
  • Cologne: Terre d’Hermes or a blend that my aromatherapist mum conjures up
  • Who cuts your hair? Coco at Freeman’s Barber!


  • Where do you live? North 5th and Driggs, Williamsburg
  • Artist: Miro, Lucien Freud, Kandinsky, Rothko
  • Piece of art in your home: Shot of Gary Clark, Jr on stage shot by my mate Hunter Barnes
  • Museum: MMuseumm
  • Pets: No dog yet. I get my kicks walking the dogs at BARC shelter when I can find the time.
  • Sheets: Nothing fancy, I’m happiest under the stars wrapped up in a duvet.
  • Local restaurant: Glasserie in Greenpoint
  • Best cup of coffee in your town: Cafe Grumpy
  • China or Pottery: Just discovered SIN Ceramics. Genius.
  • Favorite piece of furniture: Old Eames recliner in my living room.
  • Furniture designer: Anything by Francois Chambard of UM Project
  • Minimalist or maximalist? I’m stuck between clean modernism and old school coziness with found objects and antiques. Depends on the mood and setting. City=Modern Country=character.
  • Beach: Itacare, Bahia, Brazil
  • Ski resort: Alta/Snowbird Utah
  • Hotel: Any fort in Rajasthan, like Bal Salmand Lake Palace, Jaipur, India
  • Dream dinner party guests: Robert Downey Jr, Stephen Colbert, Dylan Moran, David Bowie, Whoopi Goldberg, Obama to round it off.
  • Favorite Kitchen gadget: Beloved seasoned skillet
  • Favorite drink: Moroccan Mint Tea
  • What do you collect? Rocks and seeds from magical places
  • What’s always in your fridge? Sharp cheddar cheese


  • Who or what inspires you? Nature. And finding new solutions to old problems.
  • Favorite discovery: That fact that wherever you decide to plant the seed your life will grow and grow. That goes almost any and everywhere. The choice is yours!
  • Fashion idol: I like the oldies and the when “men were men” guys James Dean, Steve McQueen.
  • Sports hero: All 22 players on Leicester City (British Premier League) they went from zero to hero in one season
  • Crush: Recently Amber Heard and always Laeticia Casta
  • Favorite charity: Charity Water
  • Favorite color: Turquoise
  • Favorite place in the world: Toss up between mountains and sea. Anywhere in the Himalayas on a motorcycle or anywhere in the Mediterranean on a sailboat
  • Favorite movies: La Grande Bellezza right now. Paolo Sorrentino, you beauty!!
  • Favorite writers: Oscar Wilde, Jules Verne, Herman Hesse
  • Favorite albums: Right now it’s still Tame Impala Currents and Max Richter Vivaldi Recomposed.
  • Nightstand reading: Pablo Neruda Love Poems
  • Photography or coffee table book: Hunter Barnes Roadbook
  • Necessary indulgence: Travel to wild places with no signs of humans.
  • Who would you want to be for a day? Elon Musk or John Muir. How’s that for conflicted?
  • Song in your head at the moment: Metronomy, The Bay
  • Dancing or karaoke? Dance til you sweat through your clothes.


  • Apps: Google Maps… & The New Stand!
  • Phone: iPhone 6s
  • Phone case: Nope. Why ruin the design. The thing is not gonna last whatever you do. Might as well enjoy it as nature intended
  • Blogs: Jason Hirschhorn’s Redef, The Skimm, The Thinking CAP
  • Laptop or desktop? MacBook
  • Tablet: Meh.
  • Computer bag: “Property Of” courier bag
  • Favorite gadget: My trusty sidekick the iPhone
  • Wristwatch: Grandads Eternamatic!
  • Recent Google search: “Conversational Commerce Bots” and “Myers–Briggs Type Indicator”

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