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An old friend of Kerrilynn and Cindy’s, Kimille Taylor is a brilliant interior designer who brings her love of aesthetics, function and exuberant personality to all of the designs she creates. Read on for a look into her perfectly edited universe.


Jeans R 13, Zara, Rag and Bone, Frame Denim T-shirt ATM Sneakers Converse Heels don’t wear them but have a pair of YSL and Christian Louboutin Flats Alaia, Fratelli Rossetti Boots Isabel Marant, Acne, Rachel Comey Sunglasses Oliver Peoples Watch Cartier Tank Francaise, it was my mothers. Day Bag YSL Studded Small Bucket Bag Jewelry you wear everyday Stacked vintage pinky rings that I had made from my great grandmother’s earrings, my mothers watch, tate diamond tennis bracelet from my boyfriend, beaded mother bracelet that my daughter gave me and two thin gold C&P Beba bracelets Workout Wear Lulu Lemon cropped yoga pants and black kid’s department tank tops from Target Designers The Row, Acne, Derek Lam, Iro, Isabel Marant Lingerie or underwear Cosabella, but I’m thinking I need to up my game so I will check the previous My Universe posts for some ideas! Where do you shop Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Zoe (in Princeton NJ), Zara Boutique my favorite boutique was Castor & Pollux!! But since it closed I’ve been a bit of a wanderer. Shopping Mecca Paris Online Shopping Site I don’t do a lot of online shopping Suit None, thank god

MY BAG OF TRICKS What’s your sign Gemini Workout(s) Pilates, a lot of walking, and little bits of yoga and cycling Sport(s) As a kid I spent hours hitting tennis balls against a wall at the park. I’ve started again on the handball courts near my apartment. Yoga studio/teacher  I do it online Do you meditate Yes and starting to cultivate a daily practice. Sometimes I pray. Meditation teacher Me, Jennifer Kass and I really like the Headspace app. Morning rituals Wake before my daughter, make my coffee, her breakfast and read the newspaper. Since the election I read the paper less and read other things. Evening rituals A snuggle with Georgia when I put her to bed. Then I think about the day while I tidy up my apartment. I like a neat, organized home. While doing that I review and process the events of the day. Incense I love to burn sage, and of course Palo Santo from CAP Beauty but I’m much more of a candle person, Cire Trudon Morocan mint is my absolute favorite Tea or tonic drink Organic nettle tea with good quality honey. Wellness idol My mother Diet you follow None Guilty pleasure I find no guilt in pleasure Toothpaste Colgate Skin care Skin Medica Cleanser, TNS Essential Serum and Dr Alkaitis Eye Cream, on my eyes and lip area. It’s the only thing that truly hydrates me. I am addicted to it and use it twice a day. Soap Dove white bar Lip color Italian rose #9, Bobbi Brown Perfume or cologne Molecules layered with Atelier Cologne Bois Blonde. I’ve been doing that for about 10 years. I am flirting with other options but haven’t found it. I like sharing Molecules with my daughter, Georgia. Who cuts your hair I’ve recently been to Joey at Blackstones. And it was amazing. I think he will be my person from now on. Recent google search The price of bitcoins

MY DIGS Where do you live? On Riverside Drive at 110th Street Artist Helen Frankenthaler, Eva Hesse, Donald Judd, Anish Kapoor, Richard Serra Piece of art in your home Small portrait by Servane Mary Museum Noguchi Musem or Dia Beacon. Tough call. Pets None, but considering a dog! Sheets Olatz Local restaurant Mezzogiorno Best cup of coffee in your town Love Maison Kayser China or pottery Pottery! Yumiko Kuga, Shizue Imai, Geoffrey Eastop, Jono Pandolfi, Jaspe, Arne Bang. All over the house for every use. Favorite piece of furniture My pair of vintage french 70’s chairs done in a magenta velvet Furniture store or designer Bernd Goeckler, Maison Gerard, BDDW, The Future Perfect, Suite NY. Designers : I love Maria Pergay, Rick Owens (furniture and clothes!) and many others. Minimalist or maximalist Maximalist Hotel Dunton Hot Springs in Dunton Colorado, Ett Hem in Stockholm Dream dinner party guests Michael Bloomberg, Stevie Nicks, Lena Dunham, Diane VF, Hilary Clinton, Christy Turlington, David Sedaris Go-to dinner party recipe My Mother’s grapefruit chicken or baked berkshire pork chops with mac and cheese and loads of wine Most used kitchen gadget Citrus reamer Favorite snack Blackberries in summer, apples with peanut butter in winter and Skinny Pop popcorn all year round Favorite drink Coffee What do you collect Stickers What’s always in your fridge Eggs, butter, probiotic and cauliflower

LIGHT MY FIRE Who or what inspires you  All of the women in my life. My mother and daughter and all of the people I am lucky to call my friends Favorite discovery  Self Forgiveness Fashion idol  Camilla Nickerson Sports hero Nadia Comanichi Crush  My boyfriend Beach Fire Island, NY Ski resort Telluride, Colorado Favorite charity St Jude’s Favorite color Pink Favorite place in the world My home Favorite movies The Godfather, Sense and Sensibility, Trading Places, Full Metal Jacket, Sideways, Fargo, In the Mood for Love, The Departed, Snatch, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Valley Girl. I could go on an on and on. Going to the movies is my favorite things to do! Favorite writers Malcolm Gladwell, Dani Shapiro Favorite albums Pet Sounds, Sticky Fingers, Rumours, Everything by Pearl Jam Nightstand reading A lot of parenting books and spirituality books Photography or coffee table book I have a small library of about 500 art/design and architecture books and it would be like picking a favorite child. Lately I am looking a lot at signature spaces by Paulo Moschino, it’s like a maximalist bible. Heaven! Necessary indulgence Large art, architecture and decorating books Who would you want to be for a day Easy one. Stevie Nicks What’s your inner age I found this question hard and I took it seriously. 11 years old, 5th grade. It’s hand clapping games, being silly in public, stickers, friendship bracelets, feeling carefree, curious, confident, optimistic and excited Song in your head at the moment The theme song from The Amazing World of Gumball (god help me) Dancing or karaoke Dancing

WIRED Apps My Flo, Headspace, Wood Puzzle Game, Instagram Phone iPhone 7s Phone case Simple natural leather Blogs The Dpages, Dzeen, The Jealous Curator, The Thinking CAP Go-to website The NY Times, The New Yorker, 1st Dibs Podcasts Don’t listen to a lot but S-Town is on my list as it’s been referred to me by 100 different people from different parts of my life. Laptop or desktop? Desktop Tablet iPad Computer bag No Favorite gadget Little Japanese erasers that come apart. I find them on my desk, Georgia puts them there. Wristwatch Cartier Tank

To see more of Kimille’s beautiful New York home, take a peek here.

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