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We've known Kim Ficaro for a lifetime, through the dreamy and inspired images she creates as a prop stylist, and more recently through Totem Home, the line of handmade goods she designs and curates that are born as much from her sense of wonder as they are from her enviable life of travel. Each piece reveals a bit about Kim's deep love for the ocean, for ritual and for craft. We recently tapped Kim to create a few items for our own ritual game, a brilliant incense holder among them. Thoughtful, sweet and cool, Kim could lead our cult. Let's take a peek inside her (global) universe.



Jeans Mother or Levis

T-shirt Raquel Allegra 

Sneakers Vans 

Heels I don't really wear them but if i do I'd have to find a pair that felt like a brown sandal I wear in the summer. 

Flats Greek sandals/moccasins/sebah

Boots APC I've had for ten years 

Sunglasses Ray Ban aviators 

Watch I'd like to say the sun, maybe soon I can. But now it's the iPhone. 

Day bag very worn grey canvas Jerome Dreyfuss

Jewelry you wear everyday Manon necklace and snake earrings and whatever countries I come back with leather bracelets and beaded necklaces 

Workout wear Outdoor Voices 

Designers Warm

Lingerie Roseanna 

Where do you shop  I try not to, but usually small shops exploring in different countries or Warm or Apiece Apart 

Shopping mecca markets in other countries, the souk in Marrakech, markets in Oaxaca 



What’s your sign Virgo, Libra cusp 

Workout yoga, always and always 

Sport surf. I wish I did it more. 

Yoga teacher Jillian Turecki at Kula in Brooklyn, Rafael Chaman in Tulum, Nancy Goodfellow in Costa Rica 

Do you meditate? sure do 

Meditation teacher, venue or app myself

Experts in your corner (nutritionists, trainers, coaches, etc.) people in my life that keep it real and support my truth

Morning rituals coffee! If I'm in Tulum, then yoga. In Costa Rica it's surf.

Evening rituals baths! lots of baths. Wherever and whenever I can be in water. 

Tea or tonic drink Sun Potion Ashwagandha and raw honey 

Wellness idol my mother! To enjoy life, and to keep learning 

Diet you follow no diet, whatever makes me feel good which is mainly vegetarian and no dairy. And I add all the potent life foods as much as I can. 

Guilty pleasure fries 

Toothpaste Toms 

Skin care Osea ocean cleanser, Marie Veronique Gentle Retinol Night Serum. Sea Gypsy face oil anytime and May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon and lots of water and I take Biotin 

Soap Dr Bronner's eucalyptus 

Lip color clear gloss

Perfume  my mom's oils, Sea Gypsy, a personalized blend 

Who cuts your hair? whatever hair stylist is working on set when I need a cut

Shampoo I switch each time I run out. Now on Rahua and only wash it twice a week and in between I use Lulu Organics dry shampoo 

Favorite beauty product Clinique chubby stick illuminator. And taking spirulina and chlorella 



Where do you live? Hard to say, home base has always been NY, Brooklyn. But I spend lots of time in Mexico and wherever my jobs take me. Heading to the west coast to set up a new home base! 

Artist Shirin Neshat, Marina Abramovic

Piece of art in your home a painting my dear friend Juan Jose Heredia made for me 

Museum textile museum in Oaxaca, Mexico 

Pets Ziggy, my dog 

Sheets Two Dawson, all linen 

Local restaurant Marlow and Sons (Brooklyn), Raw Love (Tulum), MTN (Los Angeles)

Best cup of coffee in your town making at home with Four Sigmatic coffee that has Chaga in it, I add coconut oil and cacao 

China I don't 

Pottery KH Wurtz ceramics from Denmark, Clam Lab in NY, and Totem Home from Oaxaca  

Favorite piece of furniture Charlotte Perriand leather chairs

Furniture store or designer NK shop in LA

Minimalist or maximalist max in layers min in selected pieces 

Hotel always tropical, warm lands. a tree house, bungalow, a casita, close to surf, hearing wildlife or waves crashing

Most used kitchen gadget Nutribullet 

Favorite snack Bjorn Qorn 

Favorite drink from a coconut 

What do you collect all nature parts and lots of beaded strands of nuts shells, wood from every country I'm visit 

What’s always in your fridge? eggs 



Who or what inspires you? people who don't apologize for who they are, who speak their truth from the heart, that have wonder in their eyes, that believe in discovery, that believe in the power we have to connect to the cosmos and to one another. And always the sea. 

Favorite discovery that if you put a bee that seems like it died into your hands, cover it keep a tiny hole and  blow air in then it can live again. CPR on a bee. 

Favorite quote "The way out is in." — Thich Nhat Hanh

Beach Costa Rica 

Favorite color shades of all blues, the sky and the sea 

Favorite place in the world Costa Rica and Oaxaca, Mexico

Favorite writers Mary Oliver 

Nightstand reading Pema Chodron

Who would you want to be for a day an octopus 

What’s your inner age ageless

Song in your head at the moment John Maus' Hey Moon

Dancing or karaoke dancing 



Apps Babbel for Spanish, Instagram, like everyone else

Phone iPhone 

Phone case brown leather 

Laptop or desktop lap 

Computer bag worn out tan leather case from when the shop Oroboro was Beautiful Dreamers in Williamsburg 

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