My Universe: Kerrilynn Pamer


As the Co-Founder and Chief Exec of CAP Beauty, Kerrilynn is our beating heart and spirit guide. Her commitment to wellness runs deep and her style flies high. Come take a look into her world, a beautiful cosmos of animals, art, plant foods and ritual. Let her show you some light.





  • What’s your sign? Libra (on the cusp of Virgo), Scorpio Rising, Cancer Moon
  • Workout(s): Kayla Itsines, Sky Ting Yoga
  • Sport(s): Snowboarding, Ping Pong, Driving Range
  • Yoga studio/teacher: Krissy and Chloe at Sky Ting and Derek Cook
  • Do you meditate? TM morning and night
  • Meditation teacher: Bob Roth at David Lynch Foundation
  • Morning rituals: TM, tea and herbs with my husband, make the bed, workout, shower and shine
  • Evening rituals: Kundalini kriya set, tea and herbs with my husband, quick clean up of the apartment, skincare routine, read in bed
  • Tea or tonic drink: CAP Beauty The Matcha with Sun Potion herbs, Coconut Butter and Turmeric and Ginger
  • Diet you follow: Eat as many plants as possible. Drink as many herbs and tea as possible. Incorporate healthy fats. Enjoy as much fermented food as I can
  • Guilty pleasure: Don’t totally believe in guilty pleasures. I just want pleasure. Although I did just kick a pretty hardcore granola habit
  • Toothpaste: Auromere
  • Skin care: In Fiore, May Lindstrom, Pai, Leahlani
  • Soap: Pearl +
  • Lip color: W3LL PEOPLE Creamy Peony
  • Perfume or Cologne: Strange Invisible Rose with a Broken Neck and TONS of CAPtivator
  • Who cuts your hair? Laura at Seagull



  • Where do you live? Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
  • Artist: Mark Rothko, Elizabeth Peyton, David Benjamin Sherry, Storm Tharp, Nancy Spero, Eva Hesse, Edward Curtis, Louise Bourgeois
  • Piece of art in your home: Takahiro Kaneyama’s portrait of my husband and our two dogs that are no longer with us. Miss you, Diablo and Otto
  • Museum: Neue Gallerie
  • Pets: Beba, our sato from the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Local restaurant: franny’s
  • China or Pottery: Both. Wedgwood Queen’s Ware. Humble Ceramics, Adam Silverman and Romy Northover
  • Favorite piece of furniture: Victorian sofa inherited from Aunt Maggie
  • Minimalist or maximalist? Both. I guess that makes me a maximalist
  • Beach: Gearhart, Oregon
  • Ski resort: Mt. Bachelor, Oregon
  • Hotel: Sunset Tower
  • Dinner party recipe: Rose Cafe Carrot Salad, Bowl of Sauerkraut, Huge Hippy Salad, Crackers and Avocados, Banana Ice Cream with Anandamide and Shiva Rose ZenBunni Cacao powder
  • Most used kitchen gadget: Vitamix, now followed by the dehydrator
  • Favorite recipe: Life Changing Loaf of Bread from My New Roots, NY Times Chickpeas, my sister-in-law’s Korean Tofu
  • Favorite snack: Avocado and salt or my husband’s sauerkraut on his raw crackers
  • Favorite drink: Mineral water with Sea Buckthorn and Bitters
  • What do you collect? Animals
  • What’s always in your fridge? Tons of vegetables, nuts and seeds, bottles and bottles of fermented foods, nut milks, lemons, The Beauty Chef Glow Powder, Mineral Water



  • Who or what inspires you? Animals & Nature
  • Favorite discovery: Petersen Rock Garden in Central Oregon
  • Fashion idol: I like Giovanna Bataglia a lot
  • Crush: My husband
  • Favorite charity: The Sato Project
  • Favorite color: Dusty, dusky pink
  • Favorite place in the world: Central Oregon
  • Favorite movies: Days of Heaven, The Breakfast Club, Fitzcarraldo, Valley Girl
  • Favorite writers: Robertson Davies, Haruki Murakami, Donna Tartt
  • Nightstand reading: Contagious Culture, The Key to Womanhood, The Flamethrowers, Inner Work
  • Necessary indulgence: Adaptogenic herbs
  • Who would you want to be for a day? Cesar Milan
  • Song in your head at the moment: Baby by Donnie & Joe Emerson
  • Dancing or karaoke? Both.



  • Apps: Insight Timer
  • Phone: iPhone 6, the big one
  • Phone case: Vianel monogrammed with tons of emojis embossed on the back
  • Laptop or desktop? Both
  • Computer bag: Castor & Pollux Canvas Tote Bag
  • Favorite gadget: iPhone
    • Recent Google search: how do you spell “a lot”


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