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Karyn Starr is a North Star to many. With a resume that includes dressing and styling some of the most interesting women across the country, to a self-care practice that inspires, this Mama of two goes deep. With an unwavering commitment and love of aesthetics, justice and politics, she is on a mission to spread the power of beauty, love and honesty. The perfect trifecta. Read on for a glimpse into her life that includes the Grateful Dead, Kerry James Marshall and a long love for Urban Moonshine. Shine on, bright one.


Jeans Acne

Jean Shorts Alexander Wang

T-shirt Beloved Old Grateful Dead t-shirt

Sneakers Nike, Vans, Addidas depends on what year it is and where I am going

Heels Once a year maybe, and they are low

Flats Red Gucci loafers

Boots Prada Hiking boots

Sunglasses I have a collection, I wear sunglasses every day, even when it's cloudy (then I tend to wear rose colored ones)

Watch Cartier Ballon Bleu

Day bag  A black leather backpack by Daphne Raes

Jewelry you wear everyday a ring on almost every finger, a few by Alice Waese  and ones that belonged to my Grandmother. A steal your face gold necklace made by Jen Stock, A lariat made by Manon. Gold Earrings by Manon and custom Earrings by Victoria Young with diamonds from my Grandmother's tennis bracelet.

Workout wear Unitards only, currently Sweaty Betty

Designers Rachel Comey, Upstate, Warm, Joseph, Marlow Goods (r.i.p.), Gucci, Nellie Partow, Chloe, and a lot of vintage.

Lingerie or underwear All from Journelle

Where do you shop Vintage (my favorite is 9th Street Haberdashery on east 9th) and my new discovery, Shop Boswell in Portland, Oregon (I am obsessed) Warm, Rachel Comey and Joseph.

Boutique Warm

Shopping mecca Every small thrift store In New England

Online shopping site Etsy

Suit Maison Kitsuné Navy with white polka dots



What’s your sign Capricorn

Workout(s) Pilates, I love Fort Pilates in Fort Greene, Brooklyn Strength in Cobble Hill, New York Pilates in Manhattan, yoga, bridge walking, riding my bike or a Citibike

Sport(s) Skiing

Yoga studio/teacher Kula Yoga Project (I love all the Kula teachers past and present, but my beloved is Jillian Turecki) and The Shala in Fort Greene (I especially love Melanie Jane Parker)

Do you meditate Yes, TM 2 times a day

Meditation teacher, venue or app Peter Lameruex at the David Lynch Foundation

Experts in your corner (nutritionists, trainers, coaches, etc.) Diana Devegh (my therapist), Gaines Peyton (dear friend and mentor of many years) and all my woman friends

Morning rituals TM, snuggling with my two sons, hot water with lemon, coffee with Laird Hamilton turmeric creamer, pastured eggs over easy

Evening rituals Lots of hot tea (love Dandy Blend!), incense, palo santo

Tea or tonic drink Dandy Blend or sparkling water with Urban Moonshine Bitters and Synchro Turmeric Gold.

Wellness idol Roey Ficaro (a.k.a Sea Gypsy), my BFF Kim Ficaro’s mom lives in East Hampton. She is a therapist, yoga teacher, aromatherapist and lives her life to the fullest every day. She inspires me deeply.

Diet you follow I eat lots of vegetables and grass fed beef and I don't skip meals. I drink coffee every day.

Guilty pleasure Evian water, I am quitting this week, I promise.

Toothpaste Always changing

Skin care Also always changing. Currently really into Vintner's Daughter oil. I drink at least 3 liters of water a day and I take a lot of Urban Moonshine Bitters. I also take evening primrose oil, biotin and drink bone broth. What I put inside my body seems to affect my skin more than what I put on top of it. Also, I try to get a facial every 6-8 weeks.

Soap Anything that feels handmade and that I usually buy at a health food store in the country.

Lip color Currently YSL Rouge Pur 13 (I know it's not very clean, show me a more natural version of this shade and I will buy them all!)

Perfume or Cologne Anything with rose. Currently loving the oil that I got at Ulla Johnson's boutique.

Who cuts your hair Coby at Little Axe in Brooklyn or Kate Slichter at Lost Hills in LA and if I was ever in San Francisco it would be Michelle Fiona at Barrow Salon. Mai for color at Bumble and Bumble downtown. She is everything.

Shampoo Living Proof Restore or any herbal shampoo I pick up at a co-op in Vermont.

Favorite beauty product Mascara



Where do you live? Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Artist Changes often but today Kerry James Marshall

Piece of art in your home In love with my new Suzy Spence from her show at Sears-Peyton Gallery

Museum Mass Moca and Perez Art Museum, Miami

Pets Coco, my chocolate point Siamese kitten

Sheets Matteo

Local restaurant There are a bunch of new spots nearby but my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn are Marlow and Sons, Diner and Reynards. The Tarlows commitment to their food and their people cannot be matched. I know when I eat at their restaurants, every bite is full of love from the farm to my mouth.

Best cup of coffee in your town The Good Batch in Clinton Hill or Third Rail coffee in West Village

China Jasper Conran for Wedgwood

Pottery My BFF Sarah Magid gave me this beautiful planter from Helen Levi. I love it.

Favorite piece of furniture My Putney chair made by my dear old friend Rodrigo Nava

Furniture store or designer Nickey Kehoe in LA owned by two people whom I love and that inspire me deeply!

Minimalist or maximalist Can I be both?

Hotel Tourists Welcome, North Adams MA

Dream dinner party guests All my women friends from every place in the same room at the same time. DREAM.

Go-to dinner party recipe Something that can all be cooked in a cast iron skillet.

Most used kitchen gadget Vitamix and my Bonavita coffee maker

Favorite snack A small meal instead of a snack, like the trout salad at Cafe Gitane.

Favorite drink Strong coffee, seltzer or a tequila gimlet

What do you collect Sunglasses, coats and rings

What’s always in your fridge Kale, half and half, at least a case of vintage seltzer, Gotham Greens pesto, kombucha, tortillas


Who or what inspires you My friends and the friendships we have between us.

Favorite discovery That I feel the same as I did when I was 16 a lot of the time.

Favorite quote This changes for me often. I read James Baldwin quotes daily to remind me that I have a job to do every single hour as a white person in America. I am also particularly fond of "Keep your head where your feet are..." At the moment.

Fashion idol My business partner Andrea Long

Sports hero Mckayla Shriffen

Crush Obama

Beach Jacob Riis

Ski Resort Telluride or Revelstoke, if I could ever make it back there.

Favorite charity Planned Parenthood

Favorite color Navy blue

Favorite place in the world New York City

Favorite writers Tolstoy, James Baldwin, Quinn Latimer

Nightstand Stacks of parenting books, Books by Pema Chodron, New York Magazine, CBD oil to massage my kiddos before bed, thieves spray made by Sea Gypsy Botanicals aka Roey Ficaro, Urban Moonshine Simmer Down and some other books I intend to read.

Photography or coffee table book In Company of Women by Grace Bonney and High Vibrational Beautyof course.

Necessary indulgence Dark chocolate daily

Who would you want to be for a day Me at 19 to tell me everything is going to be ok

What’s your inner age 40

Song in your head at the moment He's Gone by The Grateful Dead

Dancing or karaoke Dancing



Apps Overcast for podcasts, Foodkick/Fresh Direct/Instacart, The Real Real, Flo (period tracker, it's amazing).

Phone iPhone 7 plus

Phone case All white with red writing that says "Grateful" in Grateful Dead font.

Blogs I don't really read blogs but I love my friend Latonya Yvette and if I read a blog regularly it would be hers!

Podcasts Oprah Super Soul Conversations, No Limits Rebecca Jarvis, On Being with Krista Tippet

Laptop or desktop Laptop

Tablet Never

Computer bag Never

Favorite gadget My phone

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